May 2008


by Diane on May 30, 2008

I MEVACOR FOR SALE, am sickened by what’s happening in the state of Texas.

The Texas State Supreme Court, purchase MEVACOR online no prescription, MEVACOR australia, uk, us, usa, asked to rule on the removal of 468 children from a polygamist compound, has declared, MEVACOR cost, MEVACOR street price, “On the record before us, removal of the children was not warranted.”

Oh, where can i order MEVACOR without prescription, Canada, mexico, india, really.

So, MEVACOR no rx, MEVACOR over the counter, the fact that authorities found so many underage girls had either already given birth to babies or were currently pregnant means nothing – have I got that straight. So, where can i find MEVACOR online, Rx free MEVACOR, 13 and 14 year old girls having sex is legal in Texas, is that the message, MEVACOR price. Buy MEVACOR without prescription, And I would assume the fact that the young boys on the compound who were, in the words of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, MEVACOR used for, MEVACOR dosage, “being groomed to be perpetrators” is just hunky-dory too. And, does anyone care that the state of Texas is still investigating claims from former members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that the boys in the group are also routinely sexually abused, MEVACOR FOR SALE.

The action just taken by the Texas high court now clears the way for all the children to be given back to church members, generic MEVACOR. Buy MEVACOR no prescription, It clears the way for the church elders (read that the adult men) to resume satisfying their sexual desires or quest to propagate with girls who’ve just entered puberty.

Think if it were your 13 year old daughter, MEVACOR pics. MEVACOR alternatives, I have a daughter and it makes me sick to think of it. MEVACOR FOR SALE, If these grown men lived next door to you and behaved like this with the young children in their family they would be arrested and put in jail. But because they’ve cloaked themselves in a religious façade the rest of us are just supposed to ignore what’s happening to hundreds of children, purchase MEVACOR online. MEVACOR duration, Under Texas law a child can be taken from their parents if there is “an imminent danger to their physical safety or an urgent need for protection.” Besides the obvious sexual abuse on the compound consider this: After the children were taken away from the ranch it was learned that more than forty of them had suffered broken bones at one time or another. Was it a result of a coincidental rash of accidents or proof of a practice of over-the-top discipline, buy cheap MEVACOR no rx. MEVACOR pictures, The Texas State Supreme Court ruled that child welfare officials offered no proof of the imminent danger to all the children they removed from the YFZ Ranch. If they had taken away only, say, the pregnant girls or underage mothers things might have been different, MEVACOR FOR SALE. In other words, taking MEVACOR, MEVACOR results, we should wait for the younger girls to become impregnated too before they are legally considered to be in danger.

Well, MEVACOR pharmacy, MEVACOR price, coupon, I say its time to change the damn law. The government is supposed to protect its citizens and that includes children, MEVACOR photos. Buy MEVACOR online cod, I was appalled to read the conclusion of one Texas justice, Harriet O’Neill, MEVACOR dangers, MEVACOR recreational, who agreed the state acted reasonably in seeking to remove “demonstrably endangered” pubescent girls but then said it abused it’s discretion by removing the younger girls and boys, too. MEVACOR FOR SALE, Oh, come on, Harriet – and the rest of you decision makers. Are you lost in the pages of your law book. Are your robes compromising your common sense. If pubescent girls are being sexually abused what do you think will happen to the younger girls in a few months or years. And the boys are being corrupted just as badly by growing up in an atmosphere where females are considered nothing more than brood mares.

This is what the legal-beagles of Texas are sending those children back to, MEVACOR FOR SALE. And Texas child services workers who have spoken with the YFZ Ranch kids say many of them don’t even know who their birth mother is. They are raised to call every older female “Mother”. At a certain age these mothers will certainly turn them over to the clutches of the men. If the boys are not completely compliant they are tossed out of the group to fend for themselves. MEVACOR FOR SALE, In America everyone gets to live life the way they want to – within the confines of the law. Go live in a compound and raise your own food and make your own bread and furniture, raise your kids to embrace the simple life. That’s fine by me. But when you start abusing your daughters and abandoning your young boys the separation line between church and state blurs in my eyes.

The systematic abuse of children perpetrated in the name of God just doesn’t fly with me.

There was a glimmer of hope for these kids when they were taken away from this confusing and, I say, criminal way of life. Now, it seems they’ll soon be sent back to the clutches of their “church.”

This is the life we have now condemned these children to live.

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by Diane on May 25, 2008

F WYMOX FOR SALE, ollowing every prostitution round up I can tell you with certainty that at least some of the women involved become despondent about the course their lives have taken. They may even be on the verge of suicide, order WYMOX online overnight delivery no prescription. WYMOX coupon, National figures bear me out. In a major study by Melissa Farley, WYMOX natural, Order WYMOX from United States pharmacy, called “Prostitution: Fact Sheet on Human Rights Violations” it's reported that 75 percent of women engaged in prostitution have tried to kill themselves.

Dr, WYMOX overnight. Farley follows up with a lot of other numbers in a lot of other dreadful categories, WYMOX FOR SALE. WYMOX use, Bottom line: A majority of prostitutes report they were victims of incest or child sex abuse, have been violently raped on the job, WYMOX from canada, WYMOX samples, physically assaulted with weapons, struggled with hunger and homelessness, WYMOX no prescription, Buy cheap WYMOX, drug and alcohol abuse and diseases like HIV. Most meet the criteria for post traumatic stress disorder, WYMOX schedule. WYMOX gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, The average age of entry for a prostitute is 14 to 16 years old and most spend more than a decade selling their bodies.

In other words, online buy WYMOX without a prescription, Where can i buy cheapest WYMOX online, these women don't go into this line of work because they think it will be a good, long-term career move, cheap WYMOX no rx. WYMOX FOR SALE, They go into it because they know no other way to survive. Where can i buy WYMOX online, I don't imagine there was ever a well-adjusted little girl who declared, “I want to grow up to be a call girl!”

Most chilling is the murder rate among prostitutes, WYMOX wiki. Order WYMOX online overnight delivery no prescription, According to a Johns Hopkins study, the workplace homicide rate for a woman who sells sex is about seven times higher than that of a person in other high-risk occupations, buy WYMOX from mexico. WYMOX steet value, It doesn't sound to me as though prostitutes can be considered happy-go-lucky ladies of the evening. It seems clear they have been and continue to be victimized on several fronts, low dose WYMOX, WYMOX canada, mexico, india, often by their own bad judgment.

I can understand why police arrest the women, WYMOX FOR SALE. They're breaking the law, WYMOX dose. Comprar en línea WYMOX, comprar WYMOX baratos, But aren't the male customers breaking the law, too, buy WYMOX without a prescription. WYMOX long term, Why are the clients so rarely charged.

Case in point: Deborah Jeane Palfrey, about WYMOX, Doses WYMOX work, the Madame of a high-priced service in Washington, D.C., online buying WYMOX hcl, What is WYMOX, catered to the powerful, including Republican Sen. WYMOX FOR SALE, David Vitter of Louisiana. Once exposed for being a Palfrey client, the senator publicly apologized to his wife and constituents and promptly went back to work making the laws of the land.

Palfrey, on the other hand, was convicted and about to be sentenced to several years in prison when she was found dead, hanging in a shed on her mother's property. Two suicide notes were found.

In January 2007, one of Palfrey's “girls,” a former college professor named Brandy Britton, also hanged herself on the eve of trial. It was learned that the single-mother of two had been facing foreclosure on her home and had lived through a history of domestic abuse, WYMOX FOR SALE. She had lost her teaching job at the University of Maryland-Baltimore after filing a sex discrimination suit against the school and had turned to selling herself to pay the bills.

They say if you bite off the head of a snake it dies. But where exactly is the head of the prostitution problem. Is it the women who sell themselves. WYMOX FOR SALE, The pimps who arrange the liaisons. Or is it the men who buy the sexual services.

We arrest people who buy and sell illegal drugs. We convict people who buy and sell illegal child pornography. So why don't we go after men who buy illegal sex. Why is there a different standard when it comes to prostitution. If laws are being broken aren't both the women and the men equally guilty.

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by Diane on May 15, 2008

[caption id="attachment_1973" align="alignleft" width="104" caption="Investigative Journalist Anita Busch"]Investigative Journalist Anita Busch[/caption]

"What is the ethical question for any newspaper when a long time news source turns out to be a criminal.....?"

- Anita Busch following the Pellicano verdict

H BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, ollywood’s big wigs held their collective breath during the sordid, long running trial of the Private-Eye-to-the-Stars, Anthony Pellicano.

So many of them had hired Pellicano over the years that they were sweating bullets, worried that their names or their company’s names, might come up in court. Most of those most-worried honchos are connected to either the big Hollywood studios or are part of L.A.’s vast entertainment law community, ordering PROZAC online. None wanted their names mentioned in the same sentence with terms like: illegal wiretaps, pay-offs, intimidation tactics, PROZAC images, back-door deals.

Now, the Los Angeles Times is called on the carpet in this smarmy scandal.

Following Pellicano's conviction on 76 of 77 felony racketeering and wiretapping charges, some of the most intriguing comments from the courthouse steps came from former L.A, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. Times staff reporter Anita Busch. She, online buying PROZAC hcl, of course, was at the center of this current case against the gumshoe. It was Busch’s complaint that took cops to Pellicano’s Sunset Blvd office where they began to unravel his sins. Purchase PROZAC for sale, It was the threat to silence Busch’s investigative reporting, traced back to Pellicano, which put a human face on the private detective’s long running bully-boy tactics. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Her emotional appearance during the trial was one no spectator will soon forget.

Once the trial was over and the verdict announced Busch finally broke her silence and unloaded, not only on Pellicano but on her former employer as well, PROZAC no rx. It wasn’t be pretty – especially if you read between the lines of her official statement * (found at the end of this column) There is a much more dramatic story still to be told. Let's hope Busch hasn't been completely scared away from the business of journalism and will ultimately tell her story in book form some day.

Busch had called for the L.A. Times to conduct an internal investigation to determine how deep the bond was between Pellicano and one of the newspapers top reporters and at least one member of its legal staff, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. PROZAC from canada, The allegation is that at least one Times staffer got so dependant on Pellicano’s information and services ~ even if those favors were given freely ~ that that staffer or staffers may have overlooked Pellicano’s obvious, long running criminal shenanigans.

A major American newspaper in bed with a self proclaimed “Sin Eater” private detective like Anthony Pellicano. The official L.A. Times response to my inquiry about whether the paper had ever employed the defendant was: “The L.A, PROZAC reviews. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Times has not ever hired Anthony Pellicano.”

Anita Busch believes there was a relationship there nonetheless.

I, for one, could see how such an entanglement might happen. Cheap PROZAC no rx, I lived in Hollywood and worked for the television program HARD COPY for most of the 90’s. I saw many reporters there hang on Pellicano’s every word, I’ve seen evidence of the bargains he struck with journalists to get them to withhold information they wanted to report, the back scratching and exchange of sensitive information. The in-your-face, PROZAC canada, mexico, india, snarling Pellicano did whatever he needed to do to keep ugly truths about his clients from being revealed or taken seriously. Threats and intimidation came easily to him, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. He conducted news interviews while wielding a baseball bat.

When I first began to report on Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss and her black book that I just happened to get my hands on, Online buy PROZAC without a prescription, Pellicano phoned me several times. He unsuccessfully tried to disguise his distinctive Chicago accent as he warned me against naming the names from the book because, he said, “they will sue you and sue you big!” It was clear to me the man on the other end of my office phone was working on behalf of one or more Heidi clients.

And later, PROZAC recreational, when I was deep into the early days of breaking news about the child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson I felt my phone at work was tapped. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, I knew Anthony Pellicano was working for Jackson and everybody in town knew the P.I.’s expertise was electronic surveillance. When I expressed my concerns about the phone I could tell my bosses didn’t believe me. My co-workers made gestures behind my back as though I was crazy or craving attention. About PROZAC, My husband and I came up with a ploy – a red herring – which we planted while I used that suspect telephone. I spoke about a phony Pellicano TV segment I was working on and in short order a lawyer in the Paramount legal office called to warn me off. The lawyer who called me had recently come to Paramount (the parent company of HARD COPY) after working at the law office of Michael Jackson’s attorney Howard Weitzman, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. Weitzman was one of Pellicano’s frequent flyer employers. I recently wrote more fully about my sordid Pellicano problem here:

Oh, and one more thing, get PROZAC. I later learned Pellicano had been hired by Paramount (before I ever got there) and operated within the gated Paramount lot. So he knew the lay of the land there, including the main telephone building and the people who ran it. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Reporter Anita Busch says the same thing happened to her when, in June of 2002, her Audi’s windshield was found with an apparent gun shot (or hammer smash?) and a dead fish adorned with a rose which was left for her with a one word note: STOP. Order PROZAC from United States pharmacy, Later she was also nearly run down by a mystery Mercedes and was otherwise threatened. She says she immediately reported the threats to her supervisors, including Lennie Laguire, her editor at the newspaper and, ultimately, real brand PROZAC online, to the then Editor-in-Chief John Carroll, a security man named Cletus Page and a member of the Times legal team, attorney Karlene Goller. Where can i buy PROZAC online, On June 21st, 2002, the day after the first frightening fish-tainted threat, Busch reported that she got a call from a man she did not know. He warned her that a “private investigator in L.A, PROZAC forum. had hired someone to blow up her car.” Again, Busch took that information directly to those in charge at the Los Angeles Times, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION.

But, Anita Busch says in short order she was made to feel like a suspect drama queen instead of a legitimate reporter who was the victim of an obvious death threat. Jealous co-workers began to spread rumors that she had a poor memory, PROZAC price, coupon, was a bad reporter, paranoid – even unstable and crazy. She had been well thought of enough for the L.A. Times to hire but suddenly she was being viewed with suspicion. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Outside media columns began to report on gossip from inside the L.A. Times that Busch could not be trusted, PROZAC street price.

As a string of e-mails I’ve obtained shows that well after the threats there was a scramble to figure out if the Times’ lawyers would represent Busch in front of the grand jury hearing the Pellicano case, whether the paper stood behind Busch and her claim that her life was threatened. One e-mail, PROZAC overnight, written by David Garcia of the communications department, was drafted as a response to one of the negative columns about Anita Busch. After it was vetted by attorney Goller it came back minus this sentence:

"We stand firmly behind Anita and value her contributions to the Times."

And most damning, Busch claims, one of the first reactions to the threats by Karlene Goller was to suggest they call in Anthony Pellicano, PROZAC dosage. Busch says she testified under oath that Goller said they should think about bringing Pellicano on board because, “We’ve worked with him in the past and he’s done really well by us.”

At the time no one knew who might be behind the threats against Busch but that mystery phone caller had clearly indicated that “a private investigator in L.A.” wanted to do her harm, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. Why in the world would anyone think it would be safe to consult with any local P.I..

E-mails sent to Karlene Goller asking for comment were returned by a newspaper spokeswoman. When pressed to explain the quote attributed to her the response from the LAT’s Nancy Sullivan was:

“It is important we speak precisely and “on board” is a nebulous term. Comprar en línea PROZAC, comprar PROZAC baratos, Neither the Los Angeles Times nor lawyers have ever hired Anthony Pellicano -- nor have they suggested doing so.” ** (see update below)

Another of the newspaper’s staffers who Busch will likely mention post-verdict is long time reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Chuck Philips. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Philips admits Pellicano has been a long time news source of his and Busch will call into question the Time’s using Philips to cover the Pellicano case. For one reason, a reporter shouldn’t cover the criminal case of a long time source and, second, it’s likely that Philips’ stories were vetted by attorney Goller who admits Pellicano has “done really well by us” – whatever that means, PROZAC for sale.

It should be noted that Karlene Goller is married to another Los Angeles Times employee – Jim Newton who, along with Chuck Philips, has written the bulk of the paper’s Pellicano stories. Order PROZAC online c.o.d, Newton has now moved into an executive editorial position. He told me during a lengthy phone conversation that he always dealt with Pellicano with extreme care and routinely double and triple sourced any information he got from him. Newton made it clear he never fully trusted the man, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION.

Anita Busch will say it’s all an incestuous case study of how Pellicano worked his media relationships to try to manage situations and how they, in turn, protected him from scrutiny lest a prime source of information dry up, PROZAC pharmacy.

In a story in the New York Times on March 24, 2008, Chuck Philips admitted Attorney Goller instructed him to call Pellicano shortly after the first threats to his fellow reporter, PROZAC wiki, Anita Busch. That, despite the then Editor-in-Chief Carroll’s instructions not to contact Pellicano. Philips maintains his long time source never called him back. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Chuck Philips is the reporter who was recently embarrassed when the paper was forced to retract his blockbuster story about a 1994 assault on rapper Tupac Shakur. Philips original story cited sources which claimed Sean “Diddy” Combs orchestrated the attack, PROZAC dose. The Times concluded Philips relied on a fabricated FBI report and at least one confidential source that was not trustworthy.

Calls and e-mails to Philips LAT’s office have gone unanswered. Ex-Editor John Carroll didn’t return repeated e-mails.

So, what’s the truth here, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. PROZAC no prescription, Did reporters at the Los Angeles Times turn away from writing negative stories about their long time source, the renegade detective Anthony Pellicano. Had a staff attorney relied on Pellicano in ways that were unsuitable. Did Anita Busch fabricate a story of repeated threats to her life. Did she make up the phone call warning her that someone wanted to blow up her car, purchase PROZAC online no prescription. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Law enforcement believed Busch enough to build a case around her. She says she’ll take a lie detector test if asked.

Maybe Anita Busch is right. Maybe the Los Angeles Times needs an impartial internal investigation. PROZAC photos,

* Anita Busch's statement to reporters after the verdict:

"I’d like to thank the judge and jury for their patience and wisdom on this case as well as the honest people in law enforcement who stopped others from being relentlessly attacked and terrorized. For that, I am eternally grateful."

The full story of Pellicano's reach has yet to be told, BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION. To Pellicano and his wealthy clients, ‘winning’ meant completely obliterating someone's life and livelihood. They saw the media as just another weapon in their arsenal and used and abused it to go after anyone in their crosshairs. For example, they used their PR connection to plant items in the New York Post's Page Six to slam victims like Bo Zenga and Garry Shandling. And when their targets became FBI agent Stan Ornellas and U.S. BUY PROZAC NO PRESCRIPTION, attorney Dan Saunders, they tried to smear and discredit these decent men in the pages of the L.A. Times. The Pellicano case coverage in the L.A. Times as reported by Chuck Philips (who told the NY Times that Pellicano was his longtime news source) should be examined. It's a case study of how Pellicano worked his media relationships to try to destroy his adversaries.

** After the guilty verdict was read the L.A. Times' P.R. person, Nancy Sullivan, sent this response:
"For any number of reasons, attorney client privilege among them in this case, we do not comment on or disclose internal news gathering conversations."





by Diane on May 3, 2008

T MODALERT FOR SALE, here are surely those who are glad to see her gone. Deborah Jeane Palfrey aka “The D.C. Madam.” She led a complicated life, buy generic MODALERT, a life on the edge, No prescription MODALERT online, and it included some very powerful personalities.

But an e-mail Palfrey wrote to a spiritual advisor during the peak of her latest run in with the law reveals she was more than a hard-bitten purveyor of flesh. She had a real spiritual side and a knowledge of the bible that might surprise some given her line of work, where can i order MODALERT without prescription.

Her words, read here for the very first time and just days after her death, are a chilling reminder for investigators to keep an open mind, MODALERT FOR SALE. It might not have been a suicide after all. MODALERT treatment, Palfrey was a slim, striking looking brunette with a sharp business sense that served her well over the years. No telling how long she’d earned her living selling sexual favors, online MODALERT without a prescription, both her own and those of other women. MODALERT long term, We know Palfrey had served 18 months for prostitution in California decades ago. MODALERT FOR SALE, We also know, as she waited to learn her sentence in the federal prostitution based RICO case the federal government brought against her, Deborah Jeane Palfrey did what so many daughters do in times of trouble. She sought solace with her Mom.

Her death by hanging in a shed outside her mother’s Florida home this week became immediate fodder for cable news talk shows, MODALERT class. Some pundits speculated about whether one of the powerful men caught up in her latest escort business might have had something to do with her death. Online buying MODALERT, Others who didn’t even know Palfrey waxed poetic about why she took her own life.

On CNN’s Nancy Grace show on May 1st a psychoanalyst named Bethany Marshall weighed in to say if it was suicide it might have been Palfrey’s way of acting out her extreme rage against her prosecutors, MODALERT FOR SALE. “Someone who has an overdeveloped sense of having been wronged can sometimes hurt themselves to get back at other people. As strange as it sounds, MODALERT schedule, it does happen, MODALERT online cod, ” Marshall said.

Also on the program was trial attorney Joe Episcopo who disagreed. He concluded Palfrey did, buy MODALERT from canada, indeed, MODALERT without a prescription, commit suicide because she was a woman wrapped up in all things material and couldn’t stand the thought of going back to prison. MODALERT FOR SALE, “Everything in her world is in this world,” Episcopo opined. “She doesn’t believe in heaven or hell. She did not want to live (without), where can i cheapest MODALERT online. She killed herself because, Buy no prescription MODALERT online, in her opinion, there was nothing anyway. She was too old to get back into business and make a living … She killed herself not because of rage but because she’s material and everything was taken away from her.”

That simply does not square with the facts, MODALERT from mexico.

In July 2007, at the height of the screaming headlines and dire speculation about her ultimate fate a stranger reached out to Deborah Jeane Palfrey via e-mail, MODALERT FOR SALE.

“I hope that I can encourage you to stand for yourself. MODALERT cost, I want you to know that my wife and I are praying for you and yours. I cannot send money to your defense … I was injured in December of 06 and haven't worked since and am having to manage my resources carefully. But I am praying for you in these matters for you to have favor, MODALERT maximum dosage, wisdom, Herbal MODALERT, to know when to speak, what to speak, and how to speak …, fast shipping MODALERT. MODALERT FOR SALE, We're in your corner. God bless and good luck.”

The e-mail was signed by an ordained Church of God minister from Lake Park, Order MODALERT no prescription, Georgia. Jim Harnage recounted to Palfrey some of his life’s trials and tribulations and sent encouragement and God’s peace to her through the internet.

Two days later, taking MODALERT, at 10:34 at night, Buy MODALERT without a prescription, Palfrey wrote back. Here’s an exact duplicate of her message (minus complete e-mail addresses)

Subj: RE: List and We're Praying For You

Date:7/18/2007 10:34:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Sent from the Internet (Details)

Jim… what an absolutely lovely letter. It is greatly appreciated, MODALERT FOR SALE. Now, MODALERT alternatives, in my opinion you are the archetypical Christian. Buy MODALERT from mexico, I believe there is something in the Bible which speaks specifically to the identification of the truly righteous, i.e. how most would be surprised to discover who these persons/souls really are in this world, buy MODALERT no prescription. Something as well about only a few ultimately inheriting the Kingdom of God, Discount MODALERT, as I recall. MODALERT FOR SALE, And I do believe these chosen few sure as heck aren’t the persons/entities you have spoken of here.

–Sincerely, Jeane Palfrey

PS I am no longer accepting donations, after MODALERT. In fact, Rx free MODALERT, the cc is to remind my attorney one more time to delete any such reference to the website.

When Reverend Harnage heard about Palfrey’s death this week he tuned in to cable TV to see what he could learn. That’s when he saw the Nancy Grace Show which featured a long segment about his one-time pen pal, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, MODALERT steet value. The program began with an eerie video clip of the D.C. Madam herself, MODALERT FOR SALE. MODALERT coupon, “There’s no thousand-dollar fine, year’s probation, slap on the wrist and wink from the judge as I exit the courtroom. I am looking at 55 years in a federal penitentiary, and at my age, that is virtually a life sentence. Realistically, we estimate between 8 and 15 years. I am also looking at the complete forfeiture of my entire life’s savings and work.”

And, when the Rev. MODALERT FOR SALE, Harnage heard the conclusion about her death from attorney Episcopo he felt a certain outrage. He felt Palfrey deserved better and certainly her 76 year old mother, Blanche Palfrey, who discovered her daughter’s dead body deserved better too. The Reverend says he knew the woman was not the material grubbing persona being described on television. He said he came to know a much more spiritual Deborah Jeane, one who spoke of Christianity, the Bible, righteousness and the Kingdom of God.

He concluded, “The tenor of her e-mail is strongly suggestive of one who believes in a life hereafter...This is why I have some doubt as to her ability to commit suicide by hanging. She did believe in a life hereafter. And as my wife pointed out the most preferred method of suicide among females is by overdose of pills. Ms. Palfrey's decision to take her life should not easily and quickly explained away.”


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