April 2008


by Diane on April 27, 2008

I AVAPRO FOR SALE, know a man connected to the justice system who makes eight thousand dollars a day.

You read that right, order AVAPRO from mexican pharmacy. AVAPRO gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, When he shows up in a courtroom for a client his very presence and whispered advice to the lead attorney is worth 8 thousand dollars per day. And that’s on top of lots of other services he’s already charged for, where can i find AVAPRO online. AVAPRO natural, He is a jury consultant.

This man has also been a good, confidential source of information for me in the past so I cannot tell you his name, AVAPRO FOR SALE. But I bring this up because I want Americans to understand what our system of justice has evolved into, AVAPRO brand name. AVAPRO results, The consultant’s firm offers a soup to nuts menu of services and clients decide how much they want to spend. It goes without saying all the clients are wealthy – you and I would never be able to afford such “justice.”

You’re surely asking what the jury consultant does for all that money, AVAPRO without prescription. AVAPRO used for, Well, the minute a beleaguered client hires him the consultant’s firm gets to work, buy AVAPRO without prescription. AVAPRO FOR SALE, They study and then travel to the trial location. Buy cheap AVAPRO, They will conduct intricate door-to-door surveys of the community, getting to know the ethical, canada, mexico, india, Australia, uk, us, usa, religious, family and occupational background of the potential jury pool, AVAPRO duration, AVAPRO australia, uk, us, usa, carefully noting every response.

The firm also works backward to fully understand how much publicity their client’s case has already gotten in the local media, AVAPRO over the counter. Buy AVAPRO online cod, If it has been extensive then extra canvassing can be ordered up to try to gauge public opinion. Does the community already think the client is guilty, kjøpe AVAPRO på nett, köpa AVAPRO online. Would asking the court for a change of venue be the smartest course of action, AVAPRO FOR SALE. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, If the answer is yes, and the court agrees to move the trial, purchase AVAPRO online, Cheap AVAPRO, then the firm picks up and re-plants its costly door-to-door activities to the new trial location. Charting all this information is an enormous amount of work but it comes in handy later if the client chooses other services from the firm’s a la cart menu, AVAPRO trusted pharmacy reviews. Low dose AVAPRO, Once the jury consultants understand the moral fiber of the locale in which their client will be tried for, say, AVAPRO pics, Buying AVAPRO online over the counter, murder or a major white collar crime (think Enron) then the big honcho, the 8k guy, AVAPRO mg, What is AVAPRO, can give his learned opinion about what type juror should be chosen. He might decide more women should be seated or older, purchase AVAPRO, AVAPRO price, more professional men would be more likely to decide in the client’s favor. AVAPRO FOR SALE, And as if that isn’t enough service for you – hold on to your hats.

In some of the biggest cases jury consultants hire people called “shadow jurors.” Remember those door to door surveys, buy cheap AVAPRO no rx. Doses AVAPRO work, Well, once the real jury is seated the consultant can reach back to their extensive information files and pluck out people in the community that very nearly match the real jurors.

In other words, if juror number one is a civil engineer, father of two teenagers, the firm will find a virtual clone, hire that person for up to five hundred dollars a day and have them anonymously sit in the courtroom every day. If juror number five is a young mother with an accounting background they’ll find another person from the community just like her and have her sit in too. Sometimes as many as six or eight “shadow jurors” are hired to carefully listen to the proceedings, AVAPRO FOR SALE.

At every break in the trial these shadows will huddle with defense attorneys to give real time feedback on what they’ve seen and heard. They’ll tell the lawyer if he or she is turning off the real jurors by being too harsh. They may suggest certain lines of questioning the lawyer hadn’t even thought about.

It’s the closest a lawyer can get to actually getting inside the minds of the real jurors. AVAPRO FOR SALE, Hiring a jury consultant doesn’t automatically mean the wealthy accused will get off. Just ask Martha Stewart who hired one of the most expensive jury firms around and lost anyway. During her five months in a West Virginia prison for lying about a stock transaction she certainly must have asked herself whether the final six figure bill was worth it.

But consider the case of murder defendant Robert Durst. He admitted killing, beheading and hiding parts of his elderly Texas neighbor’s body and he was found not guilty. No matter that Durst had a long history of mental instability, no matter Durst had been a suspect in another murder. The jury, hand picked by one of the top jury consultants in America, found Durst had acted in self defense.

Again, you and I could never afford such “justice.”




by Diane on April 16, 2008

BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION, “….We’re just trying to live a peaceful, happy, sweet life. Comprar en línea PROTONIX, comprar PROTONIX baratos, We don’t understand why we can’t do this freely.”
- Brenda, a young mother of 2 from the Yearning for Zion Ranch polygamist sect

Prairie dresses, my PROTONIX experience, Order PROTONIX online overnight delivery no prescription, pioneer hairdos and the most soft spoken monotone voices I’ve heard since the Stepford Wives hit the big screen.

Who are these women from the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado, PROTONIX mg, PROTONIX pharmacy, Texas. I mean who are they really, PROTONIX trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy PROTONIX from canada, Are they accomplices of the grown men to whom they reportedly gave their young daughters. Or are they victims, also handed over to sect leaders at a tender young age, brainwashed into thinking marriage between a 14 year old girl and a 50 year old man is God’s will, BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION.

By now we all know that the state of Texas got a phone call about possible child sexual abuse inside the polygamist sect’s compound, PROTONIX from canadian pharmacy. Real brand PROTONIX online, They moved in and took away 416 kids and dozens of the sect’s women who said they wanted to go with the children to help care for them.

Texas authorities learned some disturbing things, PROTONIX dosage. PROTONIX interactions, A child welfare official revealed there were no birth certificates on file for the kids and many of them said they did not know who their specific mothers were – they identified with all the mothers in the group. BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Mother Brenda, Mother Paula, Mother Marie and so forth. Authorities concluded that the adults accompanied the kids from the ranch, fast shipping PROTONIX, Buy cheap PROTONIX no rx, in part, to make sure they kept the sect’s secrets, canada, mexico, india. PROTONIX interactions, And so the state finally took the courageous step of telling the women to get lost. Any kids over the age of five (think prime witness material) were taken away to be interviewed without the hovering presence of their multiple mothers, PROTONIX dangers. PROTONIX blogs, According to reports six of these adult females decided to not go back to the YFZ Ranch. Bookmark that fact for a moment, BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION.

After children and mothers were split up suddenly this secretive offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was, effects of PROTONIX, Where can i buy cheapest PROTONIX online, for the very first time, unlocking the front gate to the compound and inviting in TV cameras and reporters, PROTONIX samples. PROTONIX use, Smart public relations, I’d say, buy PROTONIX online no prescription. My PROTONIX experience, Interestingly, we never got a glimpse of the men of the group, PROTONIX description. PROTONIX from canadian pharmacy, The ones for whom the young girls are reportedly offered up. BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION, Only the mothers in their cookie cutter Simplicity pattern #1292 dresses faced the media.

Let’s be honest, where to buy PROTONIX. Is PROTONIX addictive, When we see a mother crying over being separated from a child our hearts go out to them. For those who believe this is an over aggressive move by the state of Texas – let’s consider what happened after these moms got back to home base, PROTONIX pictures. Generic PROTONIX, They sobbed, they dabbed their eyes, is PROTONIX safe, one hugged a column at the front of a ranch building for comfort as cameras rolled on her sorrowful face. They whimpered that it was unfair to have their children torn away from them, BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION. They claimed authorities had lied to them. But the moment a persistent reporter asked if underage girls had been given in marriage to adult men the demeanor changed, the waterworks ceased.

“We’re talking about our children right now…” said one setting her jaw and dodging the 64 thousand dollar question.

Yeah, lady. BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION, We are talking about your children too. Initial reports were that 14, 15 and 16 year old girls at the ranch were pregnant. How did that happen. Immaculate Conception. If those reports prove true someone is guilty of statutory rape.

And no separation-of-church-and-state argument can get around the fact that in Texas the law says it’s illegal for anyone under the age of 15 to be married, BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION. Period.

When another of the mothers was asked if men at the compound had multiple wives she refused to answer and her expression of sorrow turned to blankness. “That’s sacred to me…..” she said and trailed off.

Well childhood is supposed to be sacred too and a young girl handed over so an older man can try to expand the flock is not only a knuckleheaded notion it is against the law. BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION, These women were supposed to be the caretakers of these children. Where was their common sense when the men built beds on the upper floor of their sanctuary to facilitate these allegedly illicit "marriages". Did any of the women flashback to the first time they had to traipse up those stairs and give it up for God. Did any of them stop to wonder about the propriety of it all.

One of the glassy eyed mothers asked a reporter if he knew what Zion was. She explained that “Zion is heaven, BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION. We’re living in heaven.” I’m not sure the kids would agree. And I’m not sure if these mothers are victims themselves or if they are completely complicit in a criminal enterprise.

But I wonder mostly about that handful of six women who, when given the option of going back to the compound or going to a safe house chose the latter. What gave them the strength to break away from the sect. BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION, What will they have to say when this monumental case goes to court. I hope it’s all a mistake and that none of this suspected abuse actually occurred … but I’m not optimistic. I think that gang of six women could hold the key to this case. They could reveal a horrible truth about that compound and what happened there. You can bet the prosecutors are gently zeroing in on those women.

The state of Texas is accusing the sect of sexually or physically abusing their children, BUY PROTONIX NO PRESCRIPTION. They maintain the kids who stay at the YFZ Ranch and reach puberty are in “imminent danger” of being victimized too. Prosecutors plan to ask that all the minors now being held in a communal setting be placed in foster care and ultimately adopted out. A hearing on their fate is set for tomorrow.




by Diane on April 6, 2008

[caption id="attachment_241" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Defense attorney Mickey Sherman (center) surrounded by media at the murder trial of Michael Skakel"]Defense attorney Mickey Sherman (center) surrounded by media at the murder trial of Michael Skakel[/caption]

Y MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, ou’ll never guess what they’re teaching in law schools these days. What is MEDAZEPAM, They’re teaching ripped from the TV plot lines – and the art of TV punditry.

I bet its happening across the country but I’ll stick to what I know first hand, MEDAZEPAM wiki. MEDAZEPAM schedule, Every year I address students at New York Law School for a class called, ‘Advocacy, MEDAZEPAM duration, MEDAZEPAM reviews, media and the big case: Intersection of media and the law.’ The course designer, Professor Lis Wiehl, MEDAZEPAM price, coupon, Cheap MEDAZEPAM, knows of what she speaks. She was a federal prosecutor and tenured law professor in Seattle, is MEDAZEPAM addictive. She was deputy chief investigative counsel for the democrats during the Clinton impeachment proceeding and now she’s a familiar face as a legal analyst on Fox News, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. Purchase MEDAZEPAM, Oh, and by the way, online buying MEDAZEPAM hcl, MEDAZEPAM dose, Wiehl just happens to be married to famed defense attorney Mickey Sherman. She sees this “intersection” between law and the media from all sides, buy cheap MEDAZEPAM. MEDAZEPAM class, Professor Wiehl wants her students to learn about the media pressure they’ll face if they ever get that big, white hot, ordering MEDAZEPAM online, Buy MEDAZEPAM online cod, headline grabbing case. So, MEDAZEPAM gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy MEDAZEPAM online no prescription, I come in and speak about the lengths to which reporters will go to get their story. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, I warn them that if they become the lawyer representing a company in trouble for, say, making a dangerous or faulty consumer item I will use every trick in my reporter’s book to get information they do not want me to have. If their client is a celebrity in the news the stakes go even higher as the paparazzi fueled journalism of today knows few boundaries, kjøpe MEDAZEPAM på nett, köpa MEDAZEPAM online. MEDAZEPAM samples, If they sign on with a known criminal I’m on them like white on rice.

I tell them some of my own experiences getting and confirming information … and they always seem surprised at the depths to which reporters will dig while on the search for truth, online MEDAZEPAM without a prescription. MEDAZEPAM used for, In short, I tell the students it’s pretty much like they see on TV, MEDAZEPAM photos.

When you stop to think about it Professor Wiehl’s course makes perfect sense, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. Generic MEDAZEPAM, “Law school students want to be entertained like the rest of us,” she told me recently, MEDAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa. MEDAZEPAM from mexico, “And many of them are in law school because they’ve watched Law and Order, Ally McBeal, MEDAZEPAM long term, Buy generic MEDAZEPAM, Boston Legal or any number of these other TV shows and they fell in love with the law.”

But Wiehl says once the students get to law school it’s a bit like Lucy forever moving the football just as Charlie Brown runs up to kick it.

“They see these TV lawyers and prosecutors waging great battles for justice but once they get to law school they realize … its civil procedures and wills and contracts and all this boring stuff!”

Part of Wiehl’s syllabus includes students getting an imaginary taste of how the real world of cable TV uses lawyers, MEDAZEPAM natural. MEDAZEPAM over the counter, At the end of each class students are handed a note to replicate a call from a booker at a place like Fox, MSNBC or CNN with the bare bones of a “breaking news story”, where can i find MEDAZEPAM online. MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE, The student gets just 5 minutes to silently digest the information. During that time, they are told, the limo is on its way, they will be whisked to the TV studio, rushed into a make up room, and suddenly they’ll be in the glare of lights being questioned – hard – by Wiehl acting like one of her Fox TV colleagues.

“I tell them they can’t move, they have to stare straight ahead as if looking into the camera,” she tells me. “It’s a great technique to help them learn to think on their feet and stay focused in their thinking, even if they never get on TV.”

And then there are the days the students, literally, watch television in class.

After they see clips of specific law show scenarios (many taken from real-life cases) they have rousing class discussions on serious issues:

If a lawyer learns from a client where a body is buried is he or she compelled to keep confidentiality and condemn a grieving family to a life of uncertainty. And from another episode: A suspect is thrown in the back of a squad car where he hides a gun between the seat cushions, MEDAZEPAM FOR SALE. Knowing another perp could find the gun and kill officers does the defense lawyer have an ethical obligation to tell. Does a prosecutor have the duty to try all the suspects taken from a crime scene or just the one with the gun.

Compelling questions asked of students just beginning to form their ethical and moral core.

Its art imitating life … and life turning it back on its ear to teach some valuable lessons.


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