March 2008


by Diane on March 23, 2008

S BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION, ometimes crime just has to take a back seat. Herbal FLAGYL, This column isn’t about crime but it is about life and death.

For 18 months I’ve put it off, FLAGYL no rx. FLAGYL online cod, I mean, what do you do with a childhood house full of memories after you lose both your parents, where can i buy FLAGYL online. After FLAGYL, We moved into the house when I was just out of elementary school - more years ago than I care to admit. And, I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I have let their home remain virtually untouched, BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION. I just couldn’t bear tampering with their things, FLAGYL coupon. Buy FLAGYL no prescription, As an only child I have no siblings to argue with me over my decision. So, FLAGYL results, FLAGYL overnight, I just let the house be, sitting there like some sort of organic time capsule, buy FLAGYL without prescription. Online buy FLAGYL without a prescription, I have been paralyzed with indecision about what to do. BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION, My parents had some lean times and, finally, more prosperous times and the house, while not big, showcases what they felt was important. How could I now decide what was worth keeping and what was not, FLAGYL description. Where can i buy cheapest FLAGYL online, There are the pieces of china from my great grandmother’s wedding day in 1882, not particularly valuable but rich in the history of our family, rx free FLAGYL. FLAGYL canada, mexico, india, There is the lamp my grandmother got on her wedding day in 1914 and the drawer full of doilies, dresser scarves and kitchen towels she created, FLAGYL maximum dosage. FLAGYL pics, And all those family photographs.

So, on this week before Easter there I was alone in the house holding fading pictures of my ancestors going back nearly a century and a half, BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Photos of my parents courting in high school, taking FLAGYL, Order FLAGYL from United States pharmacy, Dad in his Navy uniform and then graduating from college in Mayville, North Dakota, where can i cheapest FLAGYL online. Order FLAGYL from mexican pharmacy, There were pictures of the first house they bought in California and on the front steps my mother holding me as a tiny baby, my dad looking proud, is FLAGYL safe. About FLAGYL, And there were photos of the house we lived in once they decided to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the 60’s and open their own business, FLAGYL alternatives. FLAGYL street price, My parents knew how to work – but they also knew how to play. BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION, What struck me most were the years worth of grin-from-ear-to-ear pictures of them outside hosting a patio party or holding their prized fish catch or garden bounty of roses, tomatoes, green chilies and mounds of green beans.

Pictures that were so hard to hold, FLAGYL price, Where to buy FLAGYL, harder to throw away.

The special table cloths Mom brought out for different holidays, FLAGYL images. Order FLAGYL no prescription, My Dad’s stuffed swordfish on the wall, his toolbox out in the garage, order FLAGYL online c.o.d, his favorite chair on the patio. All the knickknacks and possessions life sees you collect. I was nearly overwhelmed by the burden of deciding what I would keep and what I would let go, BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

We use phases like “passed away” or “went to God” and somehow we think that cushions the fact that our loved ones are never coming back. Well, I’ve finally gotten to the place where I can talk about it. Dad died in March 2004, Mom died in August 2006. But more importantly what I see now is that they lived. BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION, As I looked around their home I saw how they had fully embraced their lives in the Southwest. As I contemplated their belongings - Navajo rugs, sand paintings and Indian pottery along side treasures from their native North Dakota – the wooden rocker grandpa made out of one piece of wood, the old metal milk can with the family name on it, the wooden wall phone that came from the farm – I realized this is where my parents found their place of peace on earth. I'd never thought of it that way.

My parents were well respected members of the Albuquerque community, operating the Hughes’ Meat Company there for 35 years. They did charity work and belonged to the Naval Fleet Reserve Club and the American Legion. Dad, like his father before him, was a Navy veteran of World War II, BUY FLAGYL NO PRESCRIPTION. My folks loved nothing better than to jump in their motor home and take off for a nearby lake – and on one occasion all the way to Alaska. They tended their prized roses and vegetable garden, they played cards and pool with friends and they knew how to have a good time.

I learned a lot from them about how to conduct a life. Through the living of their lives they instilled in me the virtues of: integrity, hard work and the value of a good laugh, sometimes at one’s own expense.

The time that has passed since their deaths has been a necessary emotional buffer for me. Now I’ve come to see that it’s just a house, the items inside are just ‘things.’ The real memories and the valuables are the ones I carry inside me - always.


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by Diane on March 12, 2008

O NORVASC FOR SALE, k, so I just checked the official website of the National Organization for Women. Not a word about the Elliott Spitzer sex scandal and resignation, NORVASC cost. NORVASC pictures, The lead story of their “Hot Topics” news section is a week old fluff piece about Hillary Clinton’s primary wins in Ohio and Texas.

And I guess we won’t be hearing from, NORVASC recreational, Effects of NORVASC, Marcia Pappas, the President of the New York Chapter of NOW either, doses NORVASC work. Buy no prescription NORVASC online, She’s the one I recently wrote about who immediately and fiercely jumped on Senator Ted Kennedy for endorsing Barack Obama for President. By denying Hillary the nod, Marcia declared, Teddy K, NORVASC FOR SALE. had committed the “ultimate betrayal” of all women, NORVASC blogs. NORVASC forum, Funny, Marcia didn’t seem to remember the Massachusetts senator walking away from a sinking car in a place called Chappaquiddick as a more important “betrayal” of a woman – but I digress, NORVASC treatment. NORVASC without prescription, It’s as if these feminists don’t think the Spitzer issue affects women.

Feminists proudly declare that they are fighting for women’s equality and improving the status of women, purchase NORVASC online. NORVASC FOR SALE, Really. Buy NORVASC from mexico, Then prove it – come out and say something about a hypocritical public servant who for at least ten years and 80 thousand dollars helped denigrate young women not much older than his own three daughters.

Gloria, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Get NORVASC, Jane. Hillary, buying NORVASC online over the counter. Somebody, NORVASC FOR SALE. NORVASC steet value, Anybody there to speak up for subjugated young women who can’t see any other way in life except the one that demeans them into a career on their knees or flat on their back.

Let’s be honest, online buying NORVASC. Discount NORVASC, The reason we aren’t hearing from the feminists is because most of them belong to the same political party as the now disgraced Governor. They’ve chosen to be silent lest they upset someone in Democratic Party land, australia, uk, us, usa. NORVASC FOR SALE, If I’m wrong about this – then prove me wrong – say something against men like this who cheapen, defile and criminalize our girls. Purchase NORVASC online no prescription, I’m the mother of a daughter and I’m sickened that young women in this day and age would still be choosing this degrading and oftentimes violent way of life. I have never thought that a woman selling her body for sex is a “victimless” crime, NORVASC for sale. NORVASC without a prescription, The woman will pay for it. Either physically, low dose NORVASC, NORVASC use, when some client’s desires venture into the dark side or later when she realizes she can’t cope with the leftover psychological scars.

If feminists aren’t there to help mentor these young women who will be, NORVASC FOR SALE.

Late last year a bill went into effect in New York – ironically signed into law by none other than Governor Elliot Mess himself – that increased the penalty for patronizing a prostitute from a mere misdemeanor and three months in jail to up to a year in jail, where can i order NORVASC without prescription. Cheap NORVASC no rx, When he signed it he likened organized prostitution to human trafficking and “modern-day slavery.” He was absolutely right in that assessment. Yet as he put pen to paper he apparently was holding on to a deep dark secret, NORVASC dangers. Purchase NORVASC for sale, As a gung-ho prosecutor, as the Attorney General of the nation’s largest state, NORVASC from canada, NORVASC no prescription, as Governor of that state he himself was part of the problem. NORVASC FOR SALE, And if the reports are true he corrupted young girls into servicing him in at least three places: New York, Washington, D.C. and Florida.

Oh, maybe “Client #9” (as the federal indictment refers to him) didn’t think he was doing anything thing wrong because he was paying large sums of money to these girls. Maybe he just wanted to see if he could get away with it. Maybe he became drunk with the power of his office – after all this is a man who once warned his political adversaries that he was a “f---king steamroller”. Maybe he thought he was simply above the laws he enforced on others, NORVASC FOR SALE.

You know what. I don’t really care about this creep. I hope they throw the book at him. I care about the legions of girls, both here and worldwide, who are forced to earn money this way. NORVASC FOR SALE, I care that there is no unified voice out there to help them realize it’s no way to live their lives and that there is escape down a path that’s more rewarding and satisfying.

Helllllloooo. Any feminists listening. I thought your creed was to help improve the lives of women. Hypocrisy comes in both sexes.


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by Diane on March 10, 2008

W PROPECIA FOR SALE, hy isn’t there a hue and cry across the land about the crime rate in this country. PROPECIA recreational, If true leadership starts at the top why aren’t any of the presidential candidates talking about crime in America. Why aren’t any of them proposing an anti-crime plan along with their Iraq package, effects of PROPECIA, PROPECIA from canada, their health care ideas and their Social Security solutions. It is something that affects all of us every single day...and it's getting worse, buy PROPECIA online cod. PROPECIA wiki, We recently learned that 1 in every 100 Americans is already in prison. More than 2 million people are incarcerated in the United States costing states and the federal government (read that us - you and me) billions – yes, BILLIONS - of dollars every year, PROPECIA FOR SALE. How bad does it have to get before the public starts demanding something be done, purchase PROPECIA online. Buying PROPECIA online over the counter, How much higher must those numbers go before our leaders start talking about, and doing something about, PROPECIA images, Discount PROPECIA, this thing that plagues and drains us all.

It’s something many of us think about on a regular basis: The possibility of violent crime, order PROPECIA online c.o.d, Buy PROPECIA from mexico, white collar crime, auto theft, PROPECIA street price, Where can i cheapest PROPECIA online, child molesting, home invasion, where can i buy PROPECIA online, PROPECIA for sale, elder abuse, bank fraud, is PROPECIA safe, Kjøpe PROPECIA på nett, köpa PROPECIA online, identity theft. Why don’t we hear these phrases more often from the leaders we elect, online buying PROPECIA. PROPECIA FOR SALE, And why isn’t the media asking those who want to lead us about what can be done to lower the crime rate in America. Real brand PROPECIA online, So much is said about curbing and controlling international terrorism and who isn’t for that. But what about the terrorism of the citizenry by criminals which occurs on a daily basis here in the United States, purchase PROPECIA for sale. Online buy PROPECIA without a prescription, Again, how much worse does it need to get before our leaders start to make crime a front-and-center issue, PROPECIA forum. Where can i find PROPECIA online, The mainstream media, of which I was a part for many years, PROPECIA without a prescription, Cheap PROPECIA no rx, has lost their way somehow. They’ve forgotten to identify the needs and concerns of the masses, PROPECIA FOR SALE. They’ve forgotten to pepper our public officials with questions about issues that cause distress, online PROPECIA without a prescription. PROPECIA cost, Now, let me ask you something – honestly, PROPECIA brand name. No prescription PROPECIA online, What directly affects your daily life more than the ever increasing rise in our nation’s crime rate.

Let’s say after an extra long day at work you stop for a bite to eat at one of those chain restaurants, buy PROPECIA without a prescription. PROPECIA FOR SALE, The parking lot is crowded with other exhausted overtime workers so you have to park a far distance from the door. When its time to leave and you have to cross that darkened lot to get to your car isn’t it the possibility of being a crime victim that worries you the most.

When you send your child off to catch the school bus, and you’ve bought into their argument that they are old enough to go by themselves, do you worry about anything more than a lurking pedophile.

A recent report by Third Way, a liberal think tank based in Washington DC, concludes there is an upcoming convergence of events that will make our modern day worries about crime seem miniscule. And they report that when the firm Cooper and Secrest Associates asked Americans which threat they took more seriously, 69 % of us chose homegrown violent crime. Only 19 per cent of those asked named an international terrorist threat, PROPECIA FOR SALE.

Now, I don’t usually align myself with progressive/liberal groups but their four point assessment of the future makes perfect sense:

1. There are a huge number of incarcerated convicts set to be released in the next five years.
2. There is a bloated group of young people entering their so-called “high crime years.”
3. PROPECIA FOR SALE, Organized criminal gangs are recruiting illegal aliens like there’s no tomorrow.
4. The internet is increasingly being used for criminal enterprise and it’s a certainty that there will be more criminals using it in the future.

Crime is an issue that directly affects every American’s daily lives. We’re consumed working golden time to make enough money to pay our bills (in this time of undeclared recession) and buying house alarms, car alarms, insurance policies and cell phones for each of our children – just in case.

Yet the last time I heard a presidential contender asked about crime was right after it was revealed that New York’s Governor Elliott Spitzer had been caught up in a high priced, international prostitution ring, PROPECIA FOR SALE. That’s hardly the kind of crime the average American worries about.

Between the candidates and the media I’m not learning a whole lot about what these wanna-be’s for the White House will do to make my daily life safer and freer from crime. And I don’t know who to complain about first – the politicians or the reporters. You.


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by Diane on March 5, 2008

I NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE, have a friend named Danielle – Dani for short. She’s a tiny, Buy generic NORPLANT-72, beautiful blonde thing and she is celebrating an anniversary.

March 6th marks the 15th anniversary of her mother’s murder. To this day the case remains unsolved, NORPLANT-72 overnight.

51 year old Gail Parker, NORPLANT-72 brand name, a vivacious, altruistic, well dressed resident of Tucson, NORPLANT-72 mg, Arizona stopped by a Circle K Store on Saturday night, What is NORPLANT-72, March 6, 1993. A surveillance camera caught her quick transaction and maybe even a glimpse of the killer but because the crime happened on a weekend no one thought to preserve the tape, NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE. Mrs, NORPLANT-72 used for. Parker’s body was found later that night in a stretch of desert, NORPLANT-72 gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, her head bashed in, her pocketbook and jewelry gone. Her husband Barry Parker happened to be watching the news, NORPLANT-72 blogs, waiting for his wife to come home, NORPLANT-72 coupon, when he heard the chillingly familiar description of a Jane Doe’s clothing. In a state of shock he called police. NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE, On that night so many years ago Dani and her father’s lives changed forever. So did the life of Gail’s elderly mother who began a sad decline of Percocet overuse to try to dull the agony, rx free NORPLANT-72. Her emotional distress drove her to attempt suicide on more than one occasion. NORPLANT-72 no prescription, She died in 2005 never knowing who took her daughter from this earth. Gail Parker’s murder left a hole in the heart of this family – a hole that can not begin to heal until the person responsible for creating it is found, put on trial and found guilty of the crime, NORPLANT-72 dangers.

First denied of their loved one, the Parker family has also had to endure the denial of seeing justice done, NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE.

I’ve studied a lot of statistics about murder in America. Buy NORPLANT-72 without prescription, None so sad as the numbers of unsolved cases. Of course the numbers vary from week to week, month to month as more cases hit the books and more cases are actually solved, NORPLANT-72 without prescription. But consider the latest government statistics: There were 16, NORPLANT-72 alternatives, 137 murders in the United States. NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE, 37.4% of these cases were unsolved -- meaning more than 6 thousand people, literally, got away with murder. About a third of all murders went unsolved. And that’s just for the last reporting year, buy NORPLANT-72 online no prescription, 2004. NORPLANT-72 reviews, Don’t forget there were thousands of unsolved murders from 2003, 2002, 2001 … Add them all together and you get my drift, purchase NORPLANT-72 online no prescription.

Now, NORPLANT-72 natural, think of the survivors of homicide like my friend Dani and her family. Grief expert Lu Redmond estimates there are seven to 10 close relatives for each victim, NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE. It’s a horrific domino effect that leaves thousands of wounded people to grieve and mourn for the rest of their lives.

It all seems so simple when we watch TV shows like “Cold Case” or “Without a Trace”, canada, mexico, india. Crimes seem to get tied up in a nice little bow by the end of the program. NORPLANT-72 price, That is not reality. NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE, Over the last 15 years Dani has gone through life’s normal ups and downs: a painful neck injury that nearly left her paralyzed and she got married to a wonderful man named Michael. These are events in life for which you need your mother – but that was impossible for Dani. Her father couldn’t bear to stay in Tucson without his beloved wife of 27 years so he moved east to be closer to Dani, buy no prescription NORPLANT-72 online, his only child. Taking NORPLANT-72, Today his life revolves around simply getting through the day. Over the years Dani has tried to introduce her father to other women but Gail, he says, NORPLANT-72 no rx, was the love of his life. He’d rather be alone with his memories, NORPLANT-72 FOR SALE. NORPLANT-72 trusted pharmacy reviews, As for Dani, I marvel at what she has achieved in life and wonder what more she could have accomplished if she hadn’t had to operate with part of her heart and soul ripped away. Always successful in the public relations area Dani opened her own PR business recently in uber-competitive New York, where can i order NORPLANT-72 without prescription. She’s already building an impressive clientele. NORPLANT-72 dosage, But she wrote to me recently, “Every day is a struggle for me … to get up in the morning, to work, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, to put a smile on my face when all I feel like doing is crying. Purchase NORPLANT-72, To the outside world, I seem like a person who has it together, but I am a complete mess inside.”

You would never know to look at Dani and I’m torn up inside knowing how tough every day must be for her, where to buy NORPLANT-72. Now, multiply her life numbing pain by the thousands of other homicide survivors out there.

If lawmakers are struggling for grounds to fund victim’s assistance programs or cold case teams – the reason is staring them in the face.


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