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by Diane on February 22, 2008

G DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, ood journalism is a lot like good police work. It takes a lot of digging and talking and research to learn all sides of a story on your way to the truth. Sometimes it turns out both sides in a battle are kind of slimy. DIFLUCAN long term, Much less often you wrap up your investigation with a clear cut view of good and evil, right and wrong.

This is what brings me to write again about the movie “American Gangster.” I’m sorry, I just can’t let go, buy cheap DIFLUCAN.

At the end of the film there is a legend card proclaiming that because notorious Harlem based heroin dealer Frank Lucas flipped and cooperated with authorities his testimony, “Led to the convictions of three quarters of New York City’s Drug Enforcement Agency.” That is a lie – a dishonorable lie, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. Not one officer was ever charged with, let alone convicted, Buy DIFLUCAN from canada, of any crime in connection with the lengthy Lucas investigation.

The real story is simple. Countless agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, from the New York Police Department and from the Newark Police Department worked various aspects of the Lucas investigation over a long period of time, fast shipping DIFLUCAN. Together, they ultimately brought down the entire multi-million dollar heroin ring. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, None of them, as the movie depicts, conducted a raid on Lucas’ house during which they assaulted his wife. DIFLUCAN australia, uk, us, usa, Nor did they steal a case full of money confiscated from the house; they did not shoot the Lucas dog. All of that was made up by screenwriters looking to embellish the truth to make the criminal seem as though he prevailed over even bigger odds.

If you didn’t read my original column on the shamefully distorted script of this “based on a true story” film check it out. But I can summarize it in a sentence: The filmmakers deliberately misled the public into thinking the cops in the movie were the bad guys and the drug dealing criminals were the guys to admire, comprar en línea DIFLUCAN, comprar DIFLUCAN baratos. It was a disgraceful distortion of the truth – a truth easily discovered with a few minutes at a computer, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. I’m amazed that high powered movie stars like Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe would agree to play “true life” roles without doing a little research on their own.

So what, DIFLUCAN online cod, you ask. So what if the “American Gangster” portrayals weren’t exactly the truth, what’s the difference.

Well, order DIFLUCAN no prescription, I’ve discovered three more people to whom it makes a world of difference. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, Detectives Benny Abruzzo, Eddie Jones and Alvin Spearman worked for the Newark Police Department during the time the movie’s central character, Frank Lucas, was running a massive east coast based criminal enterprise. They were central to bringing him and his operatives to justice. DIFLUCAN steet value, These detectives called themselves the “Z-Team” and they dedicated themselves to nearly two years of dangerous undercover work to help bring down the Lucas crime family. Internally, they called it “The Country Boys” case, a reference to how the Lucas family referred to themselves and their North Carolina origins, DIFLUCAN maximum dosage. The intelligence and evidence the Z-Team gathered resulted in the indictment of 33 people, including Frank Lucas’ parents and his four brothers. Frank Lucas was already in prison at the time the rest of his family was indicted, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. Ordering DIFLUCAN online, Thanks to the Z-Team’s efforts by November 1976 the entire Lucas operation had been crushed. The story was widely reported and Detectives Abruzzo, Jones and Spearman were highly praised and decorated for their heroic actions.

Unfortunately, the filmmakers decided not to focus on the complicated, DIFLUCAN treatment, compelling and extremely dangerous police operation that finally brought an end to the Lucas dynasty. They chose not to focus on the trial or the criminal system’s success in bringing Lucas after Lucas to justice and shutting down their poisonous pipeline. Cheap DIFLUCAN, Instead, with Denzel Washington agreeing to play the lead role, they focused on the saga of how an African American kid could rise from rural poverty to riches and become one of the nation’s most successful criminals in the country. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, They promoted the movie as, “The true juggernaut success story of a cult figure from the streets.” Forget about the generation of young people the Lucas’ destroyed peddling their poison.

The truth is the script is full of inaccuracies including how Lucas smuggled the heroin into America (it did not come inside the coffins of dead US soldiers) and the true personalities and motivations of those in law enforcement, about DIFLUCAN. Russell Crowe depicts Ritchie Roberts as the catalyst behind the entire investigation. The real-life Roberts, Where can i buy cheapest DIFLUCAN online, who was a paid consultant on the film, told me in a telephone conversation that it was the fine police work of his entire Bureau of Narcotics team – specifically, Abruzzo, Jones and Spearman– that brought down the “Country Boys.”

“It was excellent police work, after DIFLUCAN,” he said, “It was like Camelot … we had a squad of super cops at that time.” Back in 1976 Roberts even wrote letters of commendation for the three Z-Team members. DIFLUCAN class, Roberts indicated he was disappointed about some of the characterizations in the final film. The former prosecutor also told me he begged the filmmakers to include Abruzzo, Jones and Spearman characters in the cast, only to be told that’s not the way Hollywood worked, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. Too many major characters take away from the movie stars, they explained, and no body likes that, buy DIFLUCAN no prescription. But, Roberts says he was able to get the scriptwriters to, No prescription DIFLUCAN online, at least, use the trio’s names.

However, their names pop up during a made-up scene in bar, get DIFLUCAN. Detective Ed Jones (who is still on the job in Naples, Florida) describes the scene this way:

“Spearman is sitting in a bar at a table with Ritchie Roberts (Russell Crowe) when Spearman points out Jones by name (Jones is dancing with a white girl) and says something to the affect that, DIFLUCAN schedule, “Jones only likes skinny white broads.” Then he points to Abruzzo and calls him by name and says something to the affect that, “He only likes black women.”

Detectives Spearman and Abruzzo are also seen guzzling booze straight from the bottle, something none of the health conscious body-building trio ever would have engaged in. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, And in a later scene all three detectives appear in a group of cops inside a station house briefing room. The Ritchie Roberts character is asked if the story is true that he once turned in a million dollars in unmarked money, DIFLUCAN photos. He says its true and when he asks, “Does anyone have a problem with that?” all three detectives raise their hands, Is DIFLUCAN addictive, as if to say they would have kept the money.

The Z-Team today says they risked their lives for nearly two years to bring about the story which has now brought multi-millions to NBC-Universal, director Ridley Scott and his twist-‘em-in-a-knot screenwriters and actors. And they bristle that this is how their names will be remembered to the masses, my DIFLUCAN experience. Imagine how they feel being portrayed as cheating, boozing womanizers who would steal evidence money if given half a chance, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE. And those erroneous portrayals live on forever on the big screen and now in a special two disc DVD set.

Detectives Jones and Abruzzo told me they’ve had a hard time trying to explain how the movie got it so wrong. DIFLUCAN canada, mexico, india, It’s embarrassing – humiliating – to think people might believe that was the way they conducted themselves on duty. Ed Jones wife, Blantina, told me, DIFLUCAN from mexico, “After viewing the movie not only did my husband and I come away stunned by how the truth had been so vilely corrupted … but we found ourselves having to explain to our family, friends, Buy cheap DIFLUCAN no rx, neighbors and more painfully to our own children, … how the true life story and events did not go down the way the film had portrayed them.”

Even the most sophisticated in Hollywood believe what they saw was absolutely true. DIFLUCAN FOR SALE, Several of the actors have promoted the film as a “true story”. At the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles Academy Award winning director Brian Grazer emerged to tell a reporter, “I love gangster movies … I appreciate (this one), buy DIFLUCAN without a prescription. It’s a true story. As a theme it deals with the pervasive nature of corruption in our society and how it works.”

At the same event Russell Crowe said it was an important story to be told, Doses DIFLUCAN work, “For many reasons. Some of the information in this movie is probably going to be shocking to people.” Which part, Mr. Crowe, the parts the writers made up out of whole cloth, DIFLUCAN FOR SALE.

What would be shocking is if Hollywood finally recognized the value of law enforcement officers who selflessly suit up every morning and go out to keep the rest of us safe, DIFLUCAN dose.

In the meantime, a U.S. District Judge in New York has just dismissed a class action suit by a group of DEA agents who recently tried to sue NBC-Universal for the way they were depicted in “American Gangster.” She ruled that since no actor was clearly identified as a DEA agent they had no case.

Now, Detectives Abruzzo, Jones and Spearman are wondering if they have any redress. Their names were openly mentioned in the film, they were depicted in ways they never would have behaved and, like those who filed the original lawsuit, they are furious at being labeled part of a group that was “three quarters convicted” of fictitious crimes.

As Detective Abruzzo asked me recently, “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

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by Diane on February 16, 2008

U SEROQUEL FOR SALE, .S. Rx free SEROQUEL, District Judge Colleen McMahon has now tossed out the $55 million class action suit filed recently by about 400 DEA agents against NBC-Universal studios. For my full column on their complaints about the movie, buy no prescription SEROQUEL online, Real brand SEROQUEL online, “American Gangster” click here.

This means next week NBC-Universal can proceed with release of the DVD version of the film even though the judge took a major slap at the studio for what she called the false information perpetuated in this “based-on-a-true-story” film, buy SEROQUEL from canada. Effects of SEROQUEL, “American Gangster” is the story of how law enforcement took down Frank Lucas, a major New Jersey based drug dealer in the 1970’s, buy SEROQUEL online cod. In the movie producers neatly blur precisely which law enforcement agency was involved with Lucas, SEROQUEL FOR SALE. SEROQUEL coupon, So, the judge ruled the movie did not actually “show a single person who is identifiable as a DEA agent” and she dismissed the suit, SEROQUEL pics. No prescription SEROQUEL online, However, Judge McMahon argreed with the DEA plaintiff's on a major point, purchase SEROQUEL online no prescription. Taking SEROQUEL, She wrote, “To put it bluntly … the legend that appears at the end of the film is wholly inaccurate, order SEROQUEL online c.o.d. SEROQUEL from canada, It would behoove a major corporation like Universal (which is owned by a major news organization, NBC) not to put inaccurate statements at the end of popular films.” The legend in question claims Lucas’ ultimate cooperation with authorities resulted in the conviction of “three-quarters of the New York City’s Drug Enforcement Agency.”

Not true, SEROQUEL used for. SEROQUEL FOR SALE, In truth not one officer was charged or convicted of anything and scenes in the film depicting corrupt behavior by the agents are completely fabricated. SEROQUEL pictures, No wonder the real life agents who risked their lives to bring down a man who spent years selling poison to young people feel violated by this movie. As one close to the case said to me, ordering SEROQUEL online, SEROQUEL price, coupon, “The real story was so compelling … We risked our lives day after day to work this case. Why did they have to make the bad guy look like the good guy?”

So far “American Gangster” has grossed nearly 130 million dollars, buying SEROQUEL online over the counter. Where can i buy cheapest SEROQUEL online, No doubt they’ll make more off the DVD sales. The agents say it cost them a lot more - their reputations and their pride, SEROQUEL FOR SALE.

All the law enforcement agents who worked the Lucas case, SEROQUEL steet value, Is SEROQUEL addictive, and the cases that sprang from it, feel betrayed, low dose SEROQUEL. SEROQUEL description, The truth was there – the filmmakers just decided to ignore it. And so did the actors, order SEROQUEL online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy SEROQUEL without a prescription, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe to name just two.

Watch this space….I have a feeling this fight isn’t over yet, purchase SEROQUEL for sale. SEROQUEL class, . Purchase SEROQUEL online. SEROQUEL no rx. Buy SEROQUEL from mexico.

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by Diane on February 16, 2008

“The deranged walk among us – they always have.”

I BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION, wrote that after the inexplicable shooting at the University of Illinois last week in which six innocent people were killed and 23 wounded. Purchase LAMICTAL for sale, No one seemed to see it coming when 27 year old Steve Kazmierczak, a “personable and friendly” award winning student, LAMICTAL canada, mexico, india, LAMICTAL price, coupon, walked in to a lecture hall and started shooting. Now we learn he had been institutionalized by his parents for violent behavior, rx free LAMICTAL. Where to buy LAMICTAL, I’ve been thinking. How many Kazmierczaks are out there, LAMICTAL no rx.

In New York, a 39 year old mentally ill man has just been arrested after reportedly confessing to a gruesome murder-by-cleaver death of a beloved psychologist in Manhattan, BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION. LAMICTAL mg, This behemoth of a man was angry at another doctor in Kathryn Faughey’s office who 17 years ago had him committed to an institution. Former mental patient David Tarloff’s motive, LAMICTAL street price, LAMICTAL overnight, police said, was robbery but something snapped, LAMICTAL description. LAMICTAL pics, Police had Tarloff in custody just two weeks prior because he'd attacked a security guard at his mother's nursing home. He was released by a judge at that time (even though this was his third run in with the law since last June) but not before he submitted to fingerprints which, LAMICTAL duration, LAMICTAL from canadian pharmacy, thankfully, helped police re-arrest him after the Faughey murder, generic LAMICTAL. BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION, In the Bronx, a father of three with a history of violent mental illness still had visitation rights with his children. Order LAMICTAL from mexican pharmacy, Miguel Matias once poured gasoline over a car in which he, his daughter and two sons were sitting, low dose LAMICTAL. Australia, uk, us, usa, He was arrested – but not institutionalized – for that act. A few days ago that same daughter committed the sin of text messaging a boy so her father killed her and dumped her body in his apartment building’s boiler, LAMICTAL over the counter. LAMICTAL price, coupon, Not just in the boiler room - in the boiler. Matias called police to tell them what he'd done and then taunted them when they arrived asking where the body was, BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION. "That's your job, herbal LAMICTAL. LAMICTAL results, Go find out," he's reported to have said, LAMICTAL use. LAMICTAL description, A relative said Matias' explaination for the murder was "the devil got into him."

Across the country there are countless other instances of former mental patients who have murdered, somehow driven by their madness to snuff out innocent lives, order LAMICTAL online overnight delivery no prescription. LAMICTAL pharmacy, In California – a 20 year old San Fernando Valley man with a violent juvenile record recently killed his father and two brothers. BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION, When the elite LAPD swat team moved in they lost their first comrade killed in the line of duty.

[caption id="attachment_272" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Officer Randall Simmons"]Officer Randall Simmons[/caption]

Officer Randal Simmons was buried last week, online buying LAMICTAL hcl. LAMICTAL interactions, Now we learn Edwin Rivera had a long history of “significant mental illness” dating back to his mother’s death more than a decade ago. She died when he was nine or 10 and apparently the boy had been struggling to find his mental balance ever since, LAMICTAL pictures. Order LAMICTAL from United States pharmacy, And of course we all heard about the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history last spring, BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Seung-Hui Cho, LAMICTAL samples, a student at Virginia Tech murdered 32 people and wounded at least 15 others in a cold, calculating shooting spree that defied imagination. Cho, we learned too late, had been in and out of the mental health system starting with treatment he had received in middle school for his extreme anxiety disorder.

I guess what I’m getting at is – can’t we do better in this country. I mean all of us. BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Can’t we pass laws to give cops and the courts more leeway when it comes to repeat mentally ill and violent offenders - especially in cases where children may be at risk.

Can’t mental health care professionals come up with long term monitoring protocols that provide a real safety net for the rest of us.

Can’t we come up with support systems – both legal and social – for families who come to the awful realization that their loved one must be institutionalized.

And can’t state governments and insurance companies see that paying for hospitalization now keeps countless citizens safe and might erase the need for liability payouts later.

Please don’t tell me it’s all about gun control. Even if we could round up and melt down every single firearm in America (which is like saying we should just get rid of all the illegal drugs in the U.S.) I’m convinced illicit underground suppliers would make sure more guns (or illegal drugs) would quickly fill the vacuum, BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION. And it wouldn’t be law abiding citizens getting them, either.

Tim Rutten wrote in the Los Angeles Times recently calling for presidential candidates to address the issue of rising gun crimes in America. He opined that, “The truth is that guns make the malicious, the malcontent and the mad powerful. They confer the power of life and death on the demented and deranged.”

Yes, but so does a can of gasoline and a match. BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION, So does a meat cleaver, or in the case of Miguel Matias, his own bare hands – the weapon he reportedly used to take his teenaged daughter’s life. Absent guns – the truly sick, those who are so mentally unbalanced that mass murder appeals to them, will arm themselves with whatever is handy. Finding a way to more effectively dealing with these ticking time bombs would seem an effective first step toward trying to diminish these deadly sprees.

While real and effective gun control would be a complicated venture - it is way too simplistic an answer to the mayhem that roils around us.

How many more Tarloff’s or Matias’ are there. Is there a Kazmierczak or Rivera or Cho type living near you, BUY LAMICTAL NO PRESCRIPTION. How can you find out – how can you keep your loved ones safe.

I’m at a loss. You.


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by Diane on February 6, 2008

I LEVLEN FOR SALE, participated in a TV program recently in which we pundits were shown disturbing video clips of police officers and court personnel using powerful Taser guns against people who didn’t look as though they deserved a 50 thousand volt jolt for their behavior. We were then asked to comment on what we saw.

There were two videos, effects of LEVLEN, in particular, LEVLEN long term, that really disturbed me. One showed a man stopped for a routine traffic violation who didn’t produce his license quickly enough and was Tasered. He fell into the highway, is LEVLEN safe, into the path of on-coming traffic. The other video was from a courtroom and showed a middle aged man acting as his own attorney, clearly out of his element, LEVLEN FOR SALE. My LEVLEN experience, When the judge interrupted his lengthy soliloquy to ask a question the man muttered, “This is bull ---t!” And in a blink of an eye a bailiff stepped forward and Tasered him. As he fell like a limp rag doll he struck his head and began to moan and bleed uncontrollably, LEVLEN class.

I thought to myself, LEVLEN over the counter, “Misuse of authority – plain and simple.”

Tasers literally shut down a person’s central nervous system for at least thirty seconds or more. They are also said to cause an immediate burst of pain throughout one’s body. LEVLEN FOR SALE, A quick internet check reveals many Taser horror stories. There’s one about a Houston man, comprar en línea LEVLEN, comprar LEVLEN baratos, also captured on videotape, LEVLEN price, seen leaving a hospital with his wife and newborn baby against doctor’s advice. Dad was Tasered and dropped the newborn.

Then there was the Ohio police officer who Taser-gunned a clearly intoxicated woman seven times – even after she was handcuffed and in the back of the squad car, order LEVLEN online c.o.d.

And in Florida a young black man was twice shot with a stun gun while strapped to a hospital bed because he refused to supply a urine sample for a drug test.

Okay, so that’s the ugly side of the Taser story, LEVLEN FOR SALE. LEVLEN without a prescription, For the other side I called Darren White, the Sheriff in Albuquerque, New Mexico, get LEVLEN. I chose him because a recent FBI report revealed New Mexico is at the top of the list for assaults against police officers. LEVLEN dangers, This lawman insists Tasers save lives, the lives of both criminal suspects and officers who operate every day in the line of fire.

“More and more thugs are not going quietly, real brand LEVLEN online,” Sheriff White says. LEVLEN FOR SALE, “The Taser has changed the way we conduct business – for the better. LEVLEN schedule, I can’t think of anything introduced into law enforcement that has been so effective.” Every day, Sheriff White says, his men face hardened criminals, buy cheap LEVLEN no rx, drug addicts, Buy LEVLEN from mexico, psychotics and others with mental illness and those who seek suicide-by-cop. Every year he makes it a point to purchase as many Tasers as his budget will allow.

“The use of Tasers has changed the outcome of many situations, LEVLEN use. We never want to take a life. It’s a great tool – I don’t care what anyone says.”

He knows of what he speaks, LEVLEN FOR SALE. LEVLEN maximum dosage, Sheriff White was a television reporter in a former professional life and he once agreed to be shot with a Taser while cameras rolled. What did it feel like.

“Like being electrocuted, LEVLEN photos,” he said with a shudder in his voice. LEVLEN dosage, “You can’t move, you’re completely paralyzed but it hurts too. LEVLEN FOR SALE, You make a sound from the depths of your guts that you’ve never heard before. I can vividly remember (thinking) ‘I would do anything anyone asked me right now just to make it not happen again.’”

But is that cruel and unusual punishment, taking LEVLEN. That’s how Amnesty International described it when it called on America and authorities in more than 40 other countries to discontinue using Tasers. LEVLEN steet value, Sheriff White disagrees. “After the officer is able to restrain the perp with handcuffs – it’s over. There are no trembling aftershocks, no heart palpitations, LEVLEN FOR SALE. Everything is back to normal … and the bad guy is in custody.”

There are 18 thousand law enforcement departments across the country and according to Taser maker’s statistics a full twelve thousand of them have bought these modernized stun guns, ordering LEVLEN online. Four thousand departments have outfitted every single officer with a Taser gun. Doses LEVLEN work, At a special cost to law enforcement the tasers cost about 600 dollars each, roughly the same price as a gun.

And it’s not just sworn officers who buy the so-called ECD’s – electronic control devices, online buy LEVLEN without a prescription. LEVLEN FOR SALE, In addition to the military and private security firms at least 160 thousand private citizens have turned to Tasers as their self-protection weapon of choice. They now come in a variety of designs, Low dose LEVLEN, sizes and colors and the smaller pink model is touted on one website with the slogan, “Love her. Protect her.” Just in time for Valentine’s Day gift giving, LEVLEN duration.

I’ve spoken to law enforcement sources from California to New York and states in between and not one person would trade in their Taser. LEVLEN brand name, They stress that any officer who is issued one also gets extensive training now, which may not have occurred in the past and which may account for some of the abuses we see caught on videotape.

Detective Vic Alvarez, a 29 year veteran of the Santa Barbara County, California Sheriff’s Department says he got the training and as a result he learned that just showing a suspect the weapon is enough, LEVLEN FOR SALE.

“I have never discharged my Taser … But my partner has on 3 occasions, purchase LEVLEN. It was very effective in subduing the suspect. Buy LEVLEN without prescription, If we had not had a Taser we probably would have gone hand-to-hand (with a baton) or used pepper spray.”

Experts say either of those self-defense tactics exposes the officer to physical harm. “In the case of tear gas or pepper spray, remember,” one told me, “The cop often gets just as much of the spray as the suspect!”

Sheriff White makes no excuses for those who have misused Tasers. LEVLEN FOR SALE, “You always have situations where people don’t utilize their training and equipment in a proper manner,” he said. During his six year tenure as Sheriff of Bernalillo County, New Mexico White has had to discipline officers with Taser infractions only “a couple of times” and that was early in his administration.

“When I see something like that (the videos) I’m upset,” White admitted. “We all should be outraged when we see people in law enforcement abusing their position. But, there are hundreds of thousands of cases out there that don’t get any attention because the situation was de-escalated with a Taser.”

That is the other side of the Taser story.

The people we entrust to protect us say these weapons save lives.

I say those who want them banned are leaving a threatened officer no choice but to react with deadly force. And that would be a shame.


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