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by Diane on January 30, 2008

T BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION, he National Organization for Women just took a gi-normous step backward in the credibility arena.

Marcia Pappas, herbal STILNY, STILNY online cod, President of the New York State Chapter of N.O.W. spoke out the other day and intelligent women everywhere wanted to scream “Oh, STILNY blogs, STILNY wiki, shut-up, Marcia!”

After veteran Senator Ted Kennedy’s very public endorsement of Senator Barack Obama in the presidential race this nit-wit woman issued a news release blasting the Massachusetts Democrat, canada, mexico, india. About STILNY, “Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal,” Pappas wrote in a scathing rebuke, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. STILNY results, "Senator Kennedy's endorsement of Hillary Clinton's opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard."

Marcia, Marcia, buy no prescription STILNY online, STILNY recreational, Marcia….

Pappas screeched on about feelings of abandonment, BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION. And, buying STILNY online over the counter, STILNY from canada, like a diva with her hands on her hips and her foot stomping the ground, she cried about Kennedy, STILNY treatment, Kjøpe STILNY på nett, köpa STILNY online, "He's picked the new guy over us. He's joined the list of progressive white men who can't or won't handle the prospect of a woman president who is Hillary Clinton."

Please, buy cheap STILNY. STILNY trusted pharmacy reviews, I’m embarrassed for this woman and for the entire organization.

I’m not a member of N.O.W, buy STILNY online no prescription. BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION, (or any other advocacy group) but isn’t the mission of the National Organization for Women to fight for equal rights, equal pay, reproductive and health issues. STILNY australia, uk, us, usa, Aren’t they there to try to help combat violence against women and help mothers who may be single or battered find their way in the world. Wasn’t the organization established to help promote true diversity as a way of life, fast shipping STILNY. STILNY cost, Who elected them to tell me who to vote for.

In one swoop Marcia-Marcia-Marcia Pappas added fuel to that long burning fire about irrational women who demand things before they think them through, STILNY alternatives. Thanks a lot, Marcia, BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION. STILNY used for, Look, I’m not saying that Senator Edward Moore Kennedy is God’s gift to women - far from it, australia, uk, us, usa. STILNY gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, When I was a rookie reporter on Capitol Hill all of my female colleagues knew the score about Kennedy. Close and solo proximity was to be avoided lest you fall victim to some sexist comment or proposal, where can i buy STILNY online. STILNY dose, The Kennedy marriage to Joan was a sham and Ted was, ahem, purchase STILNY online, Where can i buy cheapest STILNY online, shall we say ‘not discrete’ as he and some of his senate buddies made their evening rounds of Capitol Hill drinking establishments. BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION, Oh, and of course there was that poor girl at Chappaquiddick.

I have mixed feelings about Ted Kennedy but there is no doubt that over the course of his long tenure in the United States Senate he has been a friend to women, order STILNY online overnight delivery no prescription, STILNY natural, to children, to public education, to family issues. He will likely continue to be in the future.

That realization immediately dawned on the national President of N.O.W. as she quickly followed up the Pappas pap with a clarification that the big-girls at the Washington office still have “enormous respect” for Kennedy. Kim Gandy said further that her group respects his decision to back Obama, BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION.

The old man’s decision to throw his weight behind the young man made me think a new day may be dawning in the Democratic Party. Democrats may soon decide it’s just not enough to be “next in line” for the nomination. With two historic firsts in this race – the first woman and the first African American who stand a real chance of hoisting the party’s mantle – Democratic leaders may be weighing the one true issue.

Forget which one is the woman and which one is black – which is the best person to be President of the United States. BUY STILNY NO PRESCRIPTION, “We continue to encourage women everywhere to express their opinions and exercise their right to vote," said N.O.W. President Gandy.

That’s more like it, Kim. Vote for whoever you think would make the best leader of our country and I will respect your right to choose.

Now, Kim, could you have a heart-to-heart with Miss Marcia-Marcia-Marcia.





by Diane on January 23, 2008

Did NBC-Universal Use Dateline To Protect a Movie's Bottom Line?

H FLOXIN FOR SALE, ow many times have you gone to a movie that promotes itself as being “Based on a true story.” Somewhere in your brain it likely registers that you are about to see a movie about something that really happened. Oh, maybe a name is changed or a location or some minor few facts are a bit out of whack – but you figure the storyline is basically true. Right.

Wrong, FLOXIN reviews. It’s really an insipid motto: “Based on a true story”. What filmmakers are really telling you is that the story is false, FLOXIN FOR SALE. They use the ‘true story’ hook line to get you into the theater seats and to remove any possible liability from their backs.

In the case of the movie ‘American Gangster’ Universal Studios appears to have taken this to an extreme. FLOXIN coupon, They bill it as, “The true juggernaut success story of a cult figure from the streets.” Not only were major truths withheld from the story line but if what I’m hearing behind the scenes from the very law enforcement officers depicted in the film, the directors and producers may have deliberately decided to twist the truth to show the bad guy was good and the good guys were really corrupt. And, these sources contend the deception may not have stopped at the studio doors – it may have involved a major television news department as well, is FLOXIN addictive. FLOXIN FOR SALE, In case you’ve been living in a cave in Afghanistan lately here’s the quick back story. “American Gangster” is a Ridley Scott film featuring actor Denzel Washington in the lead role as Frank Lucas, the infamous Harlem based heroin dealer. After a lengthy investigation the feds convicted and then flipped Lucas to become an important informant, Buy generic FLOXIN, who they say, helped them take out other major drug dealers. Lucas maintains he never ratted on anyone except what he calls “corrupt cops”…. and the movie repeats that assertion despite the real-life trial transcript that proves it isn’t true.

All of the drug dealers who fell after Lucas’ 40 year prison term was trimmed to just 9 and he started cooperating, were “bad dudes who killed people,” according to a source who worked the original case, FLOXIN FOR SALE. They, FLOXIN without prescription, along with Lucas, also sold multi-millions of dollars in poison to young people, addicting a significant portion of a generation. Order FLOXIN from mexican pharmacy, "American Gangster” also features actors Russell Crowe and Josh Brolin. It’s clearly portrayed that some of the narcotics agents are truly corrupt. How corrupt. FLOXIN FOR SALE, Well, when the movie gets around to the real-life raid on Frank Lucas’s New Jersey home the actor-agents are seen shooting the family dog, assaulting the drug dealer’s wife and stealing a pile of money from the house. Never mind that at Lucas’ trial all of the $585,000.00 taken from his home during the raid was introduced into evidence, buy FLOXIN from canada. If it had been stolen by the agents how could it have wound up in court.

The DEA agents who conducted the real-life raid on Lucas’ Teaneck, New Jersey home back in 1975 were led by agent Gregory Korniloff. FLOXIN interactions, Through his attorney he says that the movie’s raid scene is completely false in almost every way.

"It was conducted pursuant to a federal search warrant, FLOXIN FOR SALE. There was no wife assaulted, no dog shot, no money stolen.”

Korniloff and other former DEA agents Jack Toal and Louis Diaz have now filed a class action law suit on behalf of themselves and 400 other agents who worked the city during the time depicted in the film. The lawyer handling their case is Dominic Amorosa, FLOXIN no prescription. He knows the case backward and forward because he personally led the federal prosecution of Lucas back in the mid-70’s. He was instrumental in securing the 40 year prison sentence Lucas received. FLOXIN FOR SALE, The lawsuit asks for at least 55 million dollars in punitive damages saying the film has “ruined and impugned the reputations of these honest and courageous public servants ...” many of whom are impacted in their current jobs from the “defamation and damage” done by the movie.

Excessive you say. Cheap FLOXIN, A Universal spokesman named Michael Moses would agree and he goes one step further. “The lawsuit is entirely without merit,” he explains. “’American Gangster’ does not defame these or any federal agents.” And, David L, FLOXIN forum. Burg, a Senior Vice President of Litigation for NBC Universal wrote that, “The film in no way charges or even insinuates wrongdoing on the part of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.”

Oh, really, FLOXIN FOR SALE. Then why at the end of the movie does the final full screen graphic – called the ‘end card legend’ – declare that drug dealer Frank Lucas’ collaboration as an informant “…Led to the convictions of three quarters of New York City’s Drug Enforcement Agency.”

In response to the lawsuit NBC Universal lawyer Burg writes further, “… the corrupt law enforcement officers portrayed in the film are specifically identified as members of the New York City Police Department and the film refers to their subsequent prosecution by the federal government.

Oh, Buy FLOXIN without a prescription, really. Well, the truth is that not one member of law enforcement who was assigned to the Lucas case – be they working for either the city of New York or for the DEA – were ever charged or convicted of anything. Let me repeat that. FLOXIN FOR SALE, Not one member of law enforcement was convicted of anything. Zero, buy FLOXIN online cod, zip, never happened.

“As a result of viewing ‘American Gangster’, FLOXIN for sale, the lawsuit claims, “millions of people now believe an awful falsity: that these law enforcement officials, DEA and NYPD officers, who searched Lucas’ house … were brutally corrupt and were convicted for this corruption.”

The suit, which claims the movie has made close to 130 million dollars so far, order FLOXIN from United States pharmacy, also reveals a troubling story about a DEA agent, on leave to serve in the armed forces in Iraq. After his fellow soldiers saw a screening of the film and read the legend at the end they turned on him for an explanation. FLOXIN samples, “He felt deeply hurt and embarrassed by the questions … Although he explained the truth to the soldiers …he could not explain it to the millions of others who have seen this lie and also believed it to be true.”

After the men from the real life drama went to see the ‘based on a true story’ version of their lives they were livid. These were agents who had worked dangerous undercover narcotics cases, strapped on bullet proof vests or secret recording devices before they left the office, FLOXIN FOR SALE. These were hard working guys who armed themselves and worried about the public’s safety. As they kissed their wives and kids good bye in the morning they oftentimes had no idea when they’d be coming home. Yet there on the screen they were being portrayed as the bad guys.

A long time law enforcement source, where can i find FLOXIN online, knowledgeable about today’s inner workings at the Drug Enforcement Administration told me that DEA rookies who saw ‘American Gangster’ came away believing the former agents were corrupt. FLOXIN FOR SALE, "They don’t know any better,” this solemn sounding man told me. “They saw it on the screen and figured it was a true story. Breaks my heart.”

21 days after the premiere of ‘American Gangster’ the former agents had their attorney, Discount FLOXIN, Dominic Amorosa, write a letter to NBC Universal demanding the removal of the end card legend claiming three quarters of them had been corrupt. NBC Universal told them to take a hike. Why would the studio refuse to remove the offensive words. That simple gesture probably would have helped this whole problem go away, FLOXIN FOR SALE.

Maybe the studio lawyers figured it would just cost too much to pull every print of the film and replace it with the corrected version, generic FLOXIN. Maybe the lawyers at Universal weighed the possible liability and decided that that tired old phase, “Based on a true story” would protect them from litigation.

Maybe it will. Purchase FLOXIN online no prescription, The former agents have now demanded a jury trial. FLOXIN FOR SALE, Sources directly involved in the case reveal that one theory sure to surface if there is a trial is that NBC Universal knew before the film’s release that litigation trouble was brewing with the former law enforcement officers and secretly employed another division of their corporate family to help them test the waters.

For those who think today’s news divisions are completely autonomous and outside corporate influence consider this: Within the NBC UNIVERSAL family is the NBC Television Network. And, within the NBC TV network is the highly acclaimed news program Dateline. (In the interest of full disclosure I reveal that I used to work for NBC and during my Court TV coverage of the Michael Jackson criminal trial I had a side contract with both the Today Show and Dateline.)

Due to a complete coincidence one of the former DEA special agents had stumbled upon the ‘American Gangster’ movie location as filming was underway in the streets of New York, order FLOXIN no prescription. He struck up a conversation with a stage hand and when he revealed he had worked on the original Lucas case the woman told him, “Oh, you’re not going to like this movie – the cops look like gangsters!” Once this former agent began to ask questions, After FLOXIN, the plaintiff’s theory goes, the word got back to the studio that trouble might be on the horizon.

Several weeks before ‘American Gangster’ premiered – when the brain trust at Universal was believed to know full well the content of the movie was infuriating the law enforcement troops who had worked the Lucas case – a Dateline producer named Bradley Davis reached out to the real-life characters in this drama, FLOXIN FOR SALE. This was welcomed news to the group who saw it as a chance to give their side of the story. They were optimistic about producer Davis’ claim that the program wanted to “tell the real behind the scenes story” of the Frank Lucas saga. Bolstered by Dateline’s dogged work with law enforcement during the long-running “To Catch a Predator” series targeting pedophiles, what is FLOXIN, these agents believed they’d get fair treatment when they sat down to talk.

Less than a month before the film’s release, in October 2007, FLOXIN from mexico, former narcotics prosecutors Dominic Amarosa and Sterling Johnson (now a federal court judge), former DEA agents Jack Toal and Lew Rice and a journalist named Ron Chepesiuk, who has written extensively about the Lucas case, trudged down to a rented loft space in New York’s So-Ho section to commit their version of the story to video tape. FLOXIN FOR SALE, One of them even brought along his daughter, a college communications major, so she could see “how the professionals did it.”

“We were told it would be an hour long program on Dateline,” one of the participants told me. “And we understood our comments would be used along with Denzel Washington’s and several others from the movie, online buying FLOXIN. We knew it was to help promote the film but we were going to set the record straight!”

Another former fed told me he’d spent three hours telling the Dateline crew his truth about the Frank Lucas case. “When I finished … three hours later, I felt good and realized that I had had the opportunity to work with a special group of people that risked their lives in turning this city around. Where can i cheapest FLOXIN online, The producer and the camera men thanked me for my service and I left there feeling good. Then came the double cross.”

From the get-go the Dateline timing seemed odd, FLOXIN FOR SALE. The movie premiered November 2nd, 2007 yet producer Davis was quoted as saying their interviews would be used “sometime later.” And as it got closer to the time for the Dateline piece to actually air the group got phone calls informing them that the segment had been cut – drastically cut. It was no longer the full hour, it was a half an hour, FLOXIN pics. And in the final cut there was not one comment from any of the real-life participants in the Lucas case. Nothing from the prosecutors Amarosa or Johnson, no sound bites from the agents Toal or Rice, Online buying FLOXIN hcl, nothing from the journalist most acquainted with the story. FLOXIN FOR SALE, “I’ve worked most of my life on undercover cases,” one of them told me. “And if I wanted to uncover a scheme, to find out what the other side was thinking or planning this is exactly what I’d do.” In other words, this experienced law enforcement officer was telling me he felt it was all a set up and the interviews were conducted under false pretense.

One of the lawyers, online FLOXIN without a prescription, who does not want to be identified as trying his case in the media told me, he believes “absolutely” that this was a corporate scheme to gather facts and pick their brains to see if they planned to sue the studio. He believes Dateline never intended to run their set-the-record-straight comments because it would harm the movie’s chance of success. Cheap FLOXIN no rx, And he added, “The relevant issue is whether they were told ahead of time … that no DEA agents were ever convicted” and went ahead with that false legend at the end of the movie anyway.

One of the former DEA agent Special Agents told me the night the suit was filed, “I knew something was wrong from the beginning, FLOXIN FOR SALE. When we were done with the Dateline interviews that day the producer never had us sign anything – usually you have to sign a consent form, right?”

He’s right. Even when I had a formal contract with NBC I had to sign such a document every time I sat down in front of a Dateline camera.

Several calls and e-mails were placed to David Corvo, the Executive Producer of Dateline, and to producer Bradley Davis to ask for comment. Ultimately a response came through an NBC public relations person. FLOXIN FOR SALE, She said, “We interviewed many people who never made it into what became a half hour program, instead of the hour originally slated … The allegation that Dateline journalists are somehow agents for NBC executives is ludicrous.”

I’ve worked in a big mega-media atmosphere and the truth could be something far less sinister than the former feds think. It could be that Dateline producers simply thought it would be a good idea to pursue a story with the real life characters of ‘American Gangster’ and Universal honchos knew nothing about it. It could be that Dateline will claim that when it came time to air the hour long program some breaking news occurred which forced the producers to edit down the feature about ‘American Gangster’. As one longtime NBC news producer who requested anonymity told me, “I think the DEA agents are thinking too hard about this. I think it is more simple than that. What will get a better rating - an interview with Denzel Washington or an anonymous DEA agent, FLOXIN FOR SALE. It’s a no brainer, especially for (a) prime time (show).”

But I can’t help thinking that this whole episode could have been better handled. I know the studio struggled just getting this movie made. They lost 30 million dollars on a false start and when it was finally filmed and released it probably was a great relief.

But I go back to the film maker’s decision to tell the story of ‘American Gangster’ through the eyes of the criminal Frank Lucas. FLOXIN FOR SALE, This ex-con was reportedly paid a large sum of money to be a consultant on the film. Denzel Washington helped buy Lucas a house in appreciation for his input. All that is capitalism, part of the way America works. But what about the good guys who were erroneously painted as the bad guys – aren’t they owed something for their years keeping us safe. I know all about dramatic license but why take swipes at the good guys and glorify the criminal. With just a little bit more care for the facts couldn’t the script have been written more truthfully and still have been the compelling, creative masterpiece every director and producer strives for, FLOXIN FOR SALE.

We all saw the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” – a story also told through the criminals eyes but in the end we came away knowing who was right and who was wrong. The truth of the story was straight.

Maybe I’m too much of a Pollyanna. But I believe those who wear uniforms to protect the rest of us deserve respect and allegiance. FLOXIN FOR SALE, If they are dirty cops then all bets are off and I’ve done my fair share of stories about corrupt officers. I was instrumental in sending a couple of them to jail.

This episode was likely made worse by bad advice from studio lawyers who waved their hands and warned against changing anything in the film lest it be taken as an admission of wrong-doing. Dropping that final legend card from the film would have likely placated the DEA agents and would have in no way made director Ridley Scott and his crew to loose face. In fact it would have gone toward the truth – and what would have been wrong with that.


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by Diane on January 20, 2008

T FRUMIL FOR SALE, he answer, apparently, is yes.

Most of my interest in Michael Jackson has centered on what he may or may not have done with young children – specifically, purchase FRUMIL online, My FRUMIL experience, young boys, some of whom have claimed he sexually molested them, buy FRUMIL online cod. FRUMIL no rx, But sometimes information comes to me that is just too interesting to keep to myself.

Seems the brain trust at Sony-BMG is pulling out all the stops to help its one time mega-star re-enter the pop music scene, kjøpe FRUMIL på nett, köpa FRUMIL online. FRUMIL price, The occasion is the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s biggest album ever – one of the music world’s most lucrative successes ever – THRILLER.

From newly recorded tracks with new mixes to a magazine cover campaign to ring tones for your phone, FRUMIL FOR SALE. There’s a campaign for personal appearances and a re-launch of the official Michaeljackson.com website, buy FRUMIL online no prescription. Purchase FRUMIL, Are you ready for this.

A newly minted digital logo has been created, no prescription FRUMIL online. Comprar en línea FRUMIL, comprar FRUMIL baratos, As a large number 25 slides in from the left hand side the black/white/gray strip reveals a revolving set of flashing phrases: “The biggest album/ of all time/ is about to get even bigger. FRUMIL FOR SALE, The 25th anniversary edition coming February 2008!. And if you look closely at in the background of the image (that is sure to be everywhere, FRUMIL trusted pharmacy reviews, FRUMIL without a prescription, simply everywhere soon) you can see a tiny, shadowy figure moon walking across the landscape, buy FRUMIL from mexico. Online FRUMIL without a prescription, It’s quintessential Jackson.

But back to the main point looming behind the hype, FRUMIL no prescription. FRUMIL schedule, Michael Jackson is singing again. Yep, that’s right – according to internal Sony documents I got my hands on the King of Pop did, in fact, get behind a microphone recently in preparation for new cuts on this old classic, FRUMIL FOR SALE.

But, FRUMIL description, Canada, mexico, india, as with so much about Michael Jackson the specifics about how much will actually be new is fuzzy.

The internal memo seems very carefully written, FRUMIL wiki. Buy generic FRUMIL, Besides the old THRILLER album cuts here’s how they explain the six new bonus tracks:

1. Wanna Be Startin’Somethin’ 2008 – Michael Jackson performs with Akon, where can i buy cheapest FRUMIL online. FRUMIL FOR SALE, This is a NEW TRACK produced by Akon and Michael, Featuring Akon’s vocal and a BRAND NEW 2008 MJ vocal track. FRUMIL alternatives, (DD Note: I think the author must mean Jackson recorded it in 2007)

2. P.Y.T, effects of FRUMIL. FRUMIL pharmacy, – (Pretty Young Thing) 2008 – Michael with singer will.i.am.

This is not a remix of the original album track; in fact it is a different song, buy FRUMIL no prescription, No prescription FRUMIL online, although the chorus is similar. It is written entirely by Michael, FRUMIL FOR SALE. It was the original pre-album demo and it is now remixed by MJ and will and features added will.i.am vocals, FRUMIL images. FRUMIL pictures, (DD Note: Not clear that the “new Jackson” is be heard on this cut)

3. The Girl Is Mine 2008 - Michael with will.i.am

This new version is based on an earlier demo than the MJ and Paul McCartney album classic, FRUMIL from canadian pharmacy. Where can i order FRUMIL without prescription, This is not a remix of the album track but A WHOLE NEW PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACK… reproduced and mixed anew by MJ and will.i.am and features a will.i.am rap. FRUMIL FOR SALE, (DD Note: Unclear if the previously unreleased track actually features the “new Jackson”

4. Billie Jean 2008 – Remix by Kanye West

A new remix of the mega hit from the original tracks.

(DD Note: Ok, so nothing new from MJ on this one I guess)

5. Beat It 2008 - with Fergie

This new versions is both a remix and a NEW TRACK. Michael’s vocals and most of the instruments are derived from the original sensational album trace. Fergie’s vocal, additional band tracks and the production by will.i.am and MJ are new, FRUMIL FOR SALE.

(DD Note: Huh. This reads like they just used MJ’s tracks from the old album, right.

6. For All Time

This beautiful new classic was recorded by Michael in 1982 and never completed or released. FRUMIL FOR SALE, He has now completed the song and added to the original production with NEW VOCALS and band tracks. Majestically mixed by Mick Guzawski this newly produced track by MJ is a worth addition and appropriate closer to THRILLER – the biggest selling album of all time – “For All Time”.

(DD Note: So these are all old tracks too I believe)

I hesitate to try to decipher all this Sony gobbledygook but again – there are at least some new Michael Jackson tracks promised and they are sure to be studied and commented upon, criticized or praised, the second the album hits the public domain.

But, that’s not all. Not by a long shot.

“On top of all the fantastic new tracks there are many things in the works that we are going to do to make 2008 truly the year of THRILLER,” according to the SONY-BMG memo traffic, FRUMIL FOR SALE. Specifically mentioned: Grammy involvement (as in Michael Jackson will appear – and maybe sing?) – A planned TV special (featuring just Michael or the long discussed reunion with his brothers?) and potential live shows. Hmmmmmm. Wonder what they mean by that and who might be scheduled to perform at these live shows. Watch for involvement with YouTube, Facebook, iLike, iTunes, I’ve learned. FRUMIL FOR SALE, Also on the planning plate: A mid-February BET Honors tribute to Michael Jackson and a major new TV, Radio, Online and Outdoor advertising campaign to launch February 8th. Interesting that no where on this exhaustive SONY planning schedule is there anytime built in for his-King-of-Popness to fulfill that long discussed London appearance that's been floated or that brotherly reunion tour bro Jermaine keeps dangling.
Phew, I’m exhausted just reporting to you about all this.

Oh, and the Sony documents I have also cryptically say that Sony feels the biggest winner of the album might have nothing much to do with Michael Jackson. It mentions the Akon track on “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin 2008” and breathlessly declares, “We feel we have a hit on our hands.”

Not sure Michael Jackson will be too THRILLED with that.


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by Diane on January 14, 2008

C ISORDIL FOR SALE, rime buffs all over America were riveted to the story of the missing pregnant Marine Lance Corporal and the fellow Marine she accused of raping her.

Maria Lauterbach, Low dose ISORDIL, 8 months pregnant, had been missing for three weeks and her rapist/lover/colleague, Corporal Cesar Laurea, online buying ISORDIL, was on the lam after having left a note explaining that Maria had come to his house (the one he shared with his wife) and committed suicide. ISORDIL street price, The cable news channels went wall to wall with the story and with North Carolina law enforcement’s news conferences on all the latest developments.

When police in Onslow County, North Carolina finally dug up the backyard fire pit at Cpl, taking ISORDIL. Laurean’s home they found the burnt remains of both Lauterbach and her unborn child. They said she had been dead “for quite a while.”

“The fetus was developed enough that the little hand was about the size of my thumb,” said Sheriff Ed Brown – a bear of a man whose folksy manner and genuine angst over the case captivated America during the search for the missing woman, ISORDIL FOR SALE. Buy cheap ISORDIL no rx, At this writing there is still a nationwide manhunt going on for Cpl. Laurean who got an eight hour head start on the cops. His wife was apparently the one who finally came to her senses and went to the police with the note her cowardly husband left behind, ISORDIL without prescription.

The very weekend they found that tiny baby’s body several other children in the United States also lost their lives to criminals who walk among us. ISORDIL FOR SALE, Dateline: Mobile, Alabama. Online buying ISORDIL hcl, A father was charged with capitol murder in the deaths of FOUR of his children. Police said Lam Luong tossed his children, aged 3, order ISORDIL no prescription, 2, ISORDIL images, 1 and four months old off a tall Mobile bridge after an argument with his wife. Luong later recanted his confession but he also, reportedly, ISORDIL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, told his family he did it because he wanted to be more famous than the 9-11 hijackers. ISORDIL dose, He may have been a drug abuser. If Luong is found guilty at trial the punishment could be life in prison or even death, ISORDIL FOR SALE. But that doesn’t bring back those four innocent souls.

Dateline: Mason, buying ISORDIL online over the counter, Ohio. Doses ISORDIL work, Another father, another four children found dead, this time in their own home, buy ISORDIL from canada. Michael Veillette was charged with murdering his wife and four small children – and with aggravated arson after setting fire to his two story house. ISORDIL FOR SALE, His wife was 33 years old. ISORDIL brand name, His children were 8 year old Marguarite, 4 year old Vincent and three year old twins Jacob and Mia. What caused the massacre was not clear, ISORDIL pharmacy. The father will surely be punished but that won’t bring back those four innocent souls. Buy no prescription ISORDIL online, Dateline: Piscataway, New Jersey. It’s not only fathers who murder, ISORDIL FOR SALE. A mother was charged with murdering her infant daughter by drowning her in the family home, ISORDIL online cod. The baby was only nine months old. Where can i buy ISORDIL online, Her 7 year old brother was found unharmed but police revealed the mother, Wella Eng, had been freed recently on ten thousand dollars bail after being charged with child endangerment for leaving her tiny daughter unattended in a car, where to buy ISORDIL. The justice system in New Jersey will figure out how to penalize the mother but that won’t bring back that innocent soul who lost her life at the hands of the person she should have been able to trust the most. ISORDIL FOR SALE, Dateline: Staten Island, New York. Where can i find ISORDIL online, Police said a 36 year old man, Anthony Reardon, was arrested for killing his three week-old daughter, ISORDIL overnight. May I repeat the baby’s age – Three weeks old. Ordering ISORDIL online, Rosemary Reardon never had a chance. After her own father shook her and beat her she laid in a coma for 10 days before finally dying of her massive brain injuries. Mr, ISORDIL FOR SALE. Reardon has been arraigned on murder charges and is already in prison, ISORDIL used for. Nothing can ever be done to repair the innocent soul lost that day. Online buy ISORDIL without a prescription, Shall I go on. Because there were lots of other children who died the awful weekend baby Lauterbach was discovered. ISORDIL FOR SALE, The Luong and Veillette children and the baby Eng girl in New Jersey were not the only ones murdered during that three day span.

What is the matter us, ISORDIL mg.

If you have ever watched Animal Planet you know how animals sometimes kill their offspring. Where can i cheapest ISORDIL online, If the spawn has any sort of birth defect or if there are too many for the mother to suckle one of the birth parents may commit infanticide. Sometimes it is the female’s new mate who cannot condone another male’s offspring living among the new family. They feel threatened and they kill, ISORDIL FOR SALE. But these are animals, ISORDIL use.

As a nation it seems we can do a better job of protecting our children. Is ISORDIL addictive, But how. We already have an infrastructure to help children in need and their anguished parents. ISORDIL FOR SALE, We have social workers, cops and courts. We have shelters, is ISORDIL safe, rehab facilities and work programs. We have judges and jailers and parole officers. Over the decades we have spent billions of dollars on this system.

I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how much money we dedicate to trying to rooting out unspeakable crimes against children they will still happen. There was probably no way to predict that Anthony Reardon of Staten Island would turn on his own three week old daughter, ISORDIL FOR SALE. And even though the police in Piscataway, New Jersey had their eye on Wella Eng after she’d left her infant in the car alone who would have imagined it would end in murder. Even if Lam Luong abused drugs why would anyone ever predict that he would take his children to the top of a bridge and force them to their deaths.

There is a special place in hell for these parents-turned-killers … but it will take better minds than mine to try to figure out how to stop such tragedies.

Maybe there is no way.





by Diane on January 13, 2008

boysvsgirlsL ALBENZA FOR SALE, ook, I know we are in the all important season run-up to a very important presidential election …maybe the most important of my lifetime. ALBENZA coupon, I understand that this is a watershed moment in the history of world harmony.

I totally get the idea that the next leader of the last remaining superpower will face challenges we can’t even imagine – perhaps including more internationally spawned terrorism, buy ALBENZA without a prescription, ALBENZA australia, uk, us, usa, economic recession and a continued, confounding lack of bi-partisan cooperation from Congress, order ALBENZA from United States pharmacy. ALBENZA natural, However, I can’t help but shake my head and make that tsk-tsk sound your Mother used to make when you did something stupid, what is ALBENZA. About ALBENZA, This political season has turned stupid.

Democrat vs, ALBENZA FOR SALE. Republicans

Neo-Cons vs, fast shipping ALBENZA. ALBENZA treatment, Liberals

Evangelicals vs. Mormons vs, get ALBENZA. Discount ALBENZA, agnostics vs. ALBENZA FOR SALE, atheists vs. all the others in between

Now, ALBENZA canada, mexico, india, ALBENZA dangers, female vs. male ??, ALBENZA samples. ALBENZA forum, What, are we all 12 years old again, ALBENZA long term. ALBENZA interactions, – wrinkling our noses, pointing outstretched fingers at each other and saying, order ALBENZA online overnight delivery no prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, “Ewwwww!”

To paraphrase my Mother, “STOP IT, ALBENZA cost. JUST STOP IT, RIGHT NOW!”

Countless newspaper reporters have written that what put the Hillary Clinton campaign back on track was the outpouring of democratic women in New Hampshire who felt a sisterhood-connection after Clinton’s emotion broke through at a diner event in Portsmouth, ALBENZA FOR SALE. ALBENZA dosage, MSNBC’S Hardball personality Chris Matthews says the only reason she’s a presidential candidate now (and the only reason she is a United States Senator) is because “her husband messed around.”

Comedian Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts on the TV show The View, generic ALBENZA, After ALBENZA, says the presidential campaign strategy is clear to her: The men are piling up on poor Hillary.

There seems to be an underlying theme taking shape that American women, cheap ALBENZA, ALBENZA duration, nationwide, should vote for the woman in the race because, ALBENZA from mexico, Where can i order ALBENZA without prescription, simply put, she is a woman, ALBENZA price, coupon. ALBENZA pics, Arrrrrgh. I so reject that type of thinking, ALBENZA steet value. ALBENZA FOR SALE, According to the brilliant political columnist Peggy Noonan there are some operatives within the Hillary Clinton campaign who are now leaning toward getting the Senator from New York to embrace her inner female and to drop the “I’m more experienced” motto she so shrilly repeats at every campaign stop.

“One told me,” writes Noonan, “the problem was the campaign had been so obsessed from day one with showing she was a commander-in-chief that they never thought to urge her to be a woman among women.”

That would be like saying all the African Americans should vote for Senator Barack Obama because he too is committing a first – the first black presidential candidate who looks as though he might have a real shot.

What an infantile reason to vote for someone – because of their gender or their race.


We aren’t 12 years old anymore. Picking our next leader isn’t like picking teams in a neighborhood ball game, ALBENZA FOR SALE. We shouldn’t choose what most closely mirrors ourselves – we should choose using a more thoughtful criteria: True and proven experience, vision for the country and leadership qualities. We should all exercise our God granted right to critical thinking.

Let’s not let ourselves get distracted. The times are too tenuous right now for such stupid games.


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by Diane on January 4, 2008

ballotboxI BUY KAMAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, don’t want Iowa deciding for me. Discount KAMAGRA, Although I grew up in the middle of America I don’t have a lot in common with Iowans.

I don’t want New Hampshire deciding for me, online buying KAMAGRA. Cheap KAMAGRA, As nice as they are I don’t have much in common with those folks either.

Nor do I want South Carolina voters or those in Michigan or anywhere else deciding who the final two Presidential candidates are that I get to vote for, fast shipping KAMAGRA.

I want more of a voice in the final choices, BUY KAMAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. KAMAGRA schedule, I want to decide which candidates I will be able to vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. I don’t want a pre-selected pair of homogenized candidates ~ I want a whole platter of choices just like the people in IowaNewHampshireSouthCarolinaMichigan get, KAMAGRA price. KAMAGRA for sale, But, the way the system is set up now I don’t get a chance to have my voice heard, KAMAGRA pictures. KAMAGRA maximum dosage, Let me back up. BUY KAMAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, First of all, I know – it’s the best political system in the world. I concede that, KAMAGRA blogs. KAMAGRA class, But, I’m a registered Independent, KAMAGRA results. KAMAGRA over the counter, I always have been. I’m a reporter by trade, KAMAGRA photos, Order KAMAGRA online c.o.d, one who covered national politics for a big chunk of her career, so I never wanted to be pegged as a member of either major party, KAMAGRA from canadian pharmacy. From the get-go I registered as a member of neither, BUY KAMAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Real brand KAMAGRA online, So, not only do I have to put up with the already-screened choices that strain through the political sieve of IowaNewHampshireSouthCarolinaMichigan - I don’t even get to vote in the primary here in my adopted home state of New York, KAMAGRA reviews. Purchase KAMAGRA online no prescription, Another chance for me to be part of the system has already been taken away from me.

That pisses me off, KAMAGRA from canada. Cheap KAMAGRA no rx, And if I were the average Joe or Jill it might even alienate me from the process all together. BUY KAMAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION, I might conclude that I might as well stay away from the polling booth because my vote just doesn’t count.

But, buy KAMAGRA without prescription, Herbal KAMAGRA, of course, it does, buy KAMAGRA no prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I am not alone in feeling this way. There are Americans all across this land who are sick to death of the way the system works now, purchase KAMAGRA for sale. Rx free KAMAGRA, There are Americans everywhere who would like to be involved if they felt included.

So – Hellllooooo?, BUY KAMAGRA NO PRESCRIPTION. Note to the political powers that be: MAKE THE SYSTEM MORE INCLUSIVE AND MORE INTERSTING TO MORE AMERICANS, order KAMAGRA from mexican pharmacy. KAMAGRA recreational, Or maybe the two major parties are more interested in appeasing the outside groups (read that lobbyists) that contribute so much (read that $$$$$) to the system.

Time for the election and campaign system to change, buy cheap KAMAGRA. I don’t feel part of it and countless others don’t either.

That’s a shame.





by Diane on January 3, 2008

W BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, hat’s going on in Suffolk County, New York makes me wonder about how justice has been meted out in other parts of the country over the years. It makes me re-think those times a convict looked me in the eyes and said, “I didn’t do it.” As a cynical reporter I’ve often thought to myself, order INDERAL online c.o.d, “Yeah, Is INDERAL safe, right.”

Well, odds are they can’t all be lying.

For nearly two decades a young man named Martin Tankleff has been sitting in prison, online INDERAL without a prescription, convicted of murdering his parents, Purchase INDERAL online, murders I don’t believe he committed.

He always said he was innocent. At the tender age of 17 he stood on the courthouse steps looked right into the television cameras and said, INDERAL from canadian pharmacy, “I can’t wait for the whole truth to come out.”

Maybe now it finally can come out.

It’s reported that New York’s State Investigations Commission has been quietly questioning potential witnesses and gathering documents in a probe of the Suffolk County police department’s handling of the original Tankleff investigation, BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION. INDERAL results, The upshot of this will probably be that a special prosecutor will be named to determine whether charges might be brought against the police.

I say Martin Tankleff is a ‘young man’ – only now he’s not so young. At 36 years old he’s spent more of his life in prison than he has on the outside, INDERAL class. But his final step down this torturous path came just today when the current Suffolk County District Attorney, INDERAL australia, uk, us, usa, Thomas Spota, announced he will not seek to re-try Marty for the September 1988 murders of Arlene and Seymour Tankleff. BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Marty was said by the police to have confessed to the murders. But he hadn’t, order INDERAL no prescription. This 17 year old boy had just gotten up to go to his first day of classes as a senior in high school and had found his mother dead (and nearly decapitated) and his bludgeoned father hanging on to life. Comprar en línea INDERAL, comprar INDERAL baratos, The ‘confession’ cops talked about was written in a detective’s handwriting and was never signed by Marty.

At the boy’s trial it was learned that at the police station Marty was tricked into thinking his father had momentarily come out of his coma to point the finger of blame directly at him. Marty heard the lie coming out of a detective’s mouth and like the upper-class, upstanding kid that he was raised to be – he believed the man in authority, BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION. He asked the cop, INDERAL forum, “Do you think I might have blacked out?” And whammo – the cop, Where can i buy cheapest INDERAL online, lead detective James McCready, figured he had his man. There never seemed to be another suspect even though Marty immediately told the detectives about his father’s bitter business partner, buy INDERAL online cod. Jerard Steuerman owed Mr. About INDERAL, Tankleff $500,000.00 and Steuerman had been at the Tankleff home that night and he was still there when Marty said he went to sleep. BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Jerard Steuerman, certainly acted strange, some might say he even acted guilty. But Detective McCready and his team somehow didn’t think it was fishy when Steuerman left suicide notes a week after the double murder and fled to California to live under an assumed name, INDERAL interactions. They still went after the dead couples’ son. INDERAL images, It is a long ordeal, this story of Marty Tankleff, and I encourage everyone interested in justice to check out the website established on the case, INDERAL samples.

Or, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, at the very least, read this excellent account from the New York Times.

Here’s the bottom line, BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION. We now know Detective McCready was found to have lied in another major police investigation, INDERAL from mexico. We now realize that at the Tankleff trial McCready was protected, INDERAL alternatives, in court, by his police union’s lawyer who fought hard so that negative information about the detective would not come out. And, ordering INDERAL online, after McCready was off the job this same lawyer represented him when he was charged with assault and robbery and he got him off. Where can i cheapest INDERAL online, That lawyer’s name is Thomas Spota. BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, That’s right. Spota is now the new District Attorney in Suffolk County, New York and the man who has agreed not to re-try Marty for the murders, INDERAL pics.

Does Spota and the rest of the ‘gang that couldn’t shoot straight’ finally get it now. Buy INDERAL without prescription, Do they understand that they robbed a bright, promising young man of his future – relegating him to live under the cloud of having spent nearly 20 years in prison. Do they admit they didn’t follow proper police procedure, INDERAL recreational. Or will they hide behind some sloppy phrase like, “Well, it’s been 20 years now – too much time has passed to get all the good witnesses back.” From what I’ve heard from Spota so far he’s going to follow the latter track, BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Look, Effects of INDERAL, as a crime and justice reporter I’ve worked with cops and detectives and District Attorneys a long time. I have great respect for the work these underpaid, overworked folks do for us and our communities, INDERAL wiki. But sometimes they get weary just like the rest of us and they let their guard down. INDERAL steet value, Sometimes they fail to look outside the box, to go the extra step. BUY INDERAL NO PRESCRIPTION, Sometimes they’re just plain too lazy to do the work.

It’s sort of an incestuous business, INDERAL dose, this business of justice. Online buying INDERAL hcl, The young lawyers in a community grow up to be the judges, prosecutors, or even the District Attorney. They leave a trail of past acquaintances and clients and sometimes the baggage from those relationships can’t be easily shed.

I believe this sort of tangled web of associations helped blind Lady Justice in Suffolk County, New York – at least in the case of Martin Tankleff. And if it happened here is it happening in your community.



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