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by Diane on December 25, 2007

W BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, ith apologies to Simon and Garfunkel …

Where have you gone Mr. Tip O’Neill, where can i buy WYMOX online. WYMOX canada, mexico, india, Or more precisely where has the political style of long-time Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill gone.

I’m afraid the answer is: Gone and dead ~ just like the legendary Massachusetts pol who made it part of his job in leading the House of Representatives to work with and compromise with the opposition party to get things done for the good of the country, WYMOX street price. Buy WYMOX no prescription, Look, I don’t pretend to be an expert on O’Neill’s behind-the-scenes strategy, where to buy WYMOX. That is, perhaps, best left to his one time aide and my former MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews, BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. WYMOX blogs, I was just a rookie reporter on Capitol Hill back in the 80’s when Matthews escorted our rag-tag group of journalists into the ornate, ceremonial Speaker’s Office, WYMOX reviews. WYMOX natural, He would be seated behind a huge mahogany desk and we would all gather and stand before him. The set-up must have reminded him of his Catholic school days and being called before the Mother Superior, no prescription WYMOX online. Purchase WYMOX, We would hear from the man himself what the day’s congressional agenda was going to be. BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, After his main announcements O’Neill, often holding the longest (unlit) cigar I’d ever seen, would push his girth back from the desk and comfortably take our questions about pending legislation or the inner workings of the so-called People’s House. O’Neill was first elected to the 83rd congress in 1947 and by the time he was done he had served sixteen terms, is WYMOX addictive. Order WYMOX from mexican pharmacy, He was never robustly negative about the opposition party, he never resorted to public name calling or the finger pointing blame-game we see so much today, where can i find WYMOX online. Kjøpe WYMOX på nett, köpa WYMOX online, He often talked about his sometimes rowdy membership needing to get things done for the American people. He would keep the House in session or even call it back into session if important work was still pending, order WYMOX from United States pharmacy. And it always seemed like there was work to be done, votes to be taken, arguments to be settled and important legislation to be written, BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. Buy WYMOX from canada, Late night sessions were not uncommon. I remember distinctly, rx free WYMOX, Buy cheap WYMOX no rx, as a single mother, having to worry about calling in a last minute baby sitter to watch my young daughter, WYMOX trusted pharmacy reviews. Australia, uk, us, usa, Oh, Tip O’Neill was a partisan Democrat through and through and I’m sure after the media was ushered out of his office he had a few harsh Irish words to say about a Republican or two … maybe even a recalcitrant member of his own party, WYMOX without prescription. Doses WYMOX work, But at the end of the day he could be seen in any number of Washington, D.C, WYMOX long term. BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, steakhouses breaking bread with a member from the other side of the aisle. WYMOX dosage, That’s how the two sides co-existed back then. They found a way to work out their differences because what mattered most was doing the People’s Work, buying WYMOX online over the counter. After WYMOX, Was it a perfect system. Not by a long shot but I always got the feeling that O’Neill truly felt it was part of his job – part of the Massachusetts mandate that continued to send him to Capitol Hill – to exhibit the leadership needed to pass the laws our ever changing country needed to keep running smoothly, WYMOX cost. He had to find a way to make it happen, BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. WYMOX maximum dosage, Unselfish leadership – now there’s a concept. Maybe I was just naïve back then, buy no prescription WYMOX online, WYMOX brand name, maybe O’Neill’s tenure wasn’t as rosy as remembered – but it was a damn sight more productive than today’s congress.

I’ve always been a registered independent, careful not to fully embrace either mainstream political party. But, as I read this column by George Will, in which he outlines what this 110th session of Congress has done and failed to accomplish, I began to mentally compile my own list. BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, I wondered what Tip O’Neill would have done this year if he had been in his fellow Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s seat, facing our modern-day dilemmas. I believe O’Neill’s approach would have been very different.

So, all Americas are left to wonder -

Where was the 110th Congress on the crisis in housing and the apparent nationwide fraud in the mortgage industry.

Where’s the much needed legislation to staunch the flow of illegal aliens into this country. How about laws to govern what we do with the 12 million illegals already in the United States.

Why was there no concrete alternative energy plan to help Americans escape the inevitable $100.00 tank full of gasoline, BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION. Can’t anyone in Congress exercise the leadership needed to figure out how we can safely drill for oil right here in America.

Why can’t the leaders we’ve chosen - who by the way have great perks, benefits, pensions and make an annual salary of $165,200.00 dollars each (Pelosi’s salary is $212,100.00) come up with a legislative roadmap toward a real, responsive health care system. Other countries have done it. Why can’t America. BUY WYMOX NO PRESCRIPTION, I guess today’s leadership is too consumed with posturing for the upcoming presidential election, too busy pointing fingers instead of practicing real leadership. In the meantime we, the American people, are paying a collective 88 million dollars to pay these lawmakers salaries each year. And that doesn't include the legislators perks, pensions or expense accounts.

And so another session of congress comes and goes. Under the Pelosi regime the House did manage to pass 146 bills last session – most just extended existing laws or accomplished mundane things like approving the name for federal buildings.

And I keep wondering, What would Tip O’Neill have done.


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by Diane on December 13, 2007

E NOCTAMID FOR SALE, veryone is missing the point.

From here on out it’s not about the long list of major league baseball players whose names have come up in connection with the illegal substance scandal. No, what is NOCTAMID, they are all grown men. Buy generic NOCTAMID, They each made their own tortured, justified decision to put illegal substances into their bodies. They played Russian roulette with their careers and their health – all for the massive paydays and fleeting bits of fame on a baseball field, NOCTAMID from canada. To hell with them, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. History will judge them in the very books they tried so hard to influence. NOCTAMID description, They will be tainted with the Scarlet “S” for Steroids or “H” for Human Growth Hormone. Maybe newly improved drug tests will catch them and their ilk in the future – but maybe not.

I’m telling you right now the legal system will do nothing to punish these men who have already cheated and lied their way into the upper echelons of America’s pastime, order NOCTAMID online overnight delivery no prescription. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, Many are already out of the game, basking in their ill gotten achievements. The others, NOCTAMID gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, even those who protest their innocence in the face of a 20 month long investigation, are tainted now to the point where no matter how well they do in the future (sans illegal substances?) they’ll wind up like Pete Rose or Mark McGwire – on the scrap heap of baseball history instead of the heroes of the game they desperately wanted to be.

And so it should be if they are, NOCTAMID no prescription, indeed, NOCTAMID price, coupon, guilty of what the Mitchell Report says. In total seven MVP’s showed up on the Senator’s list – and enough All-Stars to put one at every position. Mitchell’s investigators concluded that not one of the 30 major league teams was unaffected, get NOCTAMID. Let’s face it - they are cheats and liars and they should be ashamed of themselves, NOCTAMID FOR SALE.

Now, Low dose NOCTAMID, to the point. The only point we should be concentrating upon now. What these athletes, NOCTAMID overnight, past and present, Taking NOCTAMID, have done influences not only the rookies coming up to the game but America’s children as well.

“Hundreds of thousands of our children are using these illegal substances,” declared former Senator George Mitchell, purchase NOCTAMID for sale. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, They see what their idols are doing and they think it is okay, he said.

This is a man of integrity who is a former U.S. Buy cheap NOCTAMID, Attorney, a former United States Senator, a man who waded through the muck and mire of the Irish Republican Army’s war against its perceived oppressor to come up with a lasting peace agreement, online buy NOCTAMID without a prescription. Mitchell clearly sees the core of the problem – why can’t the rest of us. NOCTAMID for sale, Now, it should be all about the next generation.

Look, I’m not just a Mom writing about the poor little children of the world, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. I’m a baseball fan and I understand what got us to this point, buy NOCTAMID online no prescription. Baseball players were looking for “the edge” – that little boost that would help them heal from injuries and be more effective at their job. NOCTAMID over the counter, It might even have seemed innocent in the beginning. Yankee Pitcher Andy Pettitte, for example, buy NOCTAMID from mexico, talked about needing something extra for his sore arm “to help the team.” Players took notice when a colleague bounced back quickly or suddenly looked like a rocket launcher on the mound. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, The word spread through the locker room and once one teammate achieved good results on the juice or with human growth hormone what was the next guy to do if he wanted to keep up. NOCTAMID treatment, To some players the answer was obvious. They had families to provide for and records to try to break.

And there really was nothing to stop this awful spiral, NOCTAMID online cod. Players didn’t tattle on each other when one abruptly developed an extraordinary advantage over all the others. Team owners and managers weren’t about to approach a player and bawl him out for suddenly performing well, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. NOCTAMID dangers, The Players Association wasn’t about to admit there might be a problem or take a step to sanction one of their multi-million dollar members. The Commissioner of Baseball was warned back in the mid-90’s that there were players taking substances that should be or actually were banned but there was no real concerted effort to get to the bottom of all those rumors.

To keep their positions in the starting line-ups more and more players compromised their integrity, NOCTAMID use. They could have stood their ground and refused – but they didn’t. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, And then most of them lied about it when confronted. NOCTAMID no rx, Shame on them.

In 1998 major leaguer Wally Joyner found himself in the trap. To keep up with the Caminiti’s on his team he asked his colleague Ken Caminiti to cut him in on the illegal steroids, real brand NOCTAMID online. As Joyner later recounted to ESPN’s Buster Olney he took 3 pills over the course of 10 days. The guilt overwhelmed him, he said, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. NOCTAMID photos, He tossed the rest of the pills and swears he never took another one.

Following the release of the Mitchell Report today most of the media did what Senator Mitchell predicted they would do. Most of the AP wire reports, NOCTAMID used for, sports magazines and network and cable TV reports focused on the names of those highly paid, Buy NOCTAMID without a prescription, overly publicized athletes who have literally thumbed their noses at authority for all these years. I read list after list of names. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, I had to look high and low to even find a mention of what this menace is doing to our children – although Senator Mitchell firmly and clearly stated that during his news conference too.

Late in the day Mitchell appeared on CNN’s “Situation Room” in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, purchase NOCTAMID online no prescription. Blitzer’s very last question (with no follow up) asked simply, NOCTAMID duration, “So, what do we tell the kids?”

“Teens are at an even greater risk,” Mitchell explained in a passionate tone.

Over the years I’ve interviewed this man many times and I could tell from the odd tone in his voice that this was the topic that touched him most deeply. Teen-aged bodies are, he explained to the CNN audience, already engulfed in hormonal changes. They are going through serious physical and emotional phases and introduction of their idol’s poison into their systems has an increased risk of major damage, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. Mitchell has young children, he is a student of the game of baseball and his voice nearly quavered when he spoke of what havoc this scandal has already wreaked upon America’s youth.

But there was no time for a follow up question from Wolf Blitzer or anyone else that I heard. And that’s a shame. Because to me, a mother, this is the point. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, And, I will say what Mitchell never had the opportunity to explain. It’s not just our young male athletes that have gone over to the dark side of performance enhancement – its countless young female athletes as well. As the boys are influenced by what they see so are the girls– think Marion Jones.

Baseball’s Commissioner Bud Selig says he’s going to do something about this “Steroid Era” ... but just what he might do is unclear. Realize, last year at the zenith of the scandal, there was record attendance at the nation’s baseball parks and major league baseball raked in a record 6 billion dollars, NOCTAMID FOR SALE. I’m not hopeful that the baseball business is going to adequately police itself. I have minus-zero faith in Players Association President Donald Fehr. He inspires no confidence when he employs his limp-wrist defense of his membership. One would think his primary concern would be to want his members to be healthy – not artificially pumped up on illegal substances. NOCTAMID FOR SALE, And, I believe that what ever drug test improvements arrive there will always be someone out there cooking up a newly minted designer steroid that avoids identification.

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Rafael Palmeiro, Lenny Dykstra, Chuck Knoblauch, David Justice, Mo Vaughn and about 80 other major league players …. As much as it pains this Yankee fan to say it – TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM. They make me sick to my stomach for what they’ve influenced our kids into doing.

“Hundreds of thousands of our kids,” according to Senator George Mitchell.

That’s the real shame.





by Diane on December 12, 2007

T IMITREX FOR SALE, hile legions of Michael Jackson loyalists were busy celebrating the 25th anniversary of their idol’s “Thriller” album there was another milestone marked.

To me it was a much more noteworthy date to commemorate – much more so than the noisy, highly orchestrated tribute to the entertainer’s last real blockbuster hit, IMITREX without prescription.

Gavin Arvizo came of age. Kjøpe IMITREX på nett, köpa IMITREX online, On December 2nd he marked his 18th birthday. In the eyes of the law he is now a fully emancipated adult. If he wanted to he could now make his own decision to write a book or sell his story about his association with the self-appointed King of Pop, IMITREX FOR SALE. But he hasn't - more on that in a minute, buy IMITREX from mexico.

He now goes by another name and he and his family have moved away from the southern California home they took after the now infamous criminal trial of Jackson. Buy generic IMITREX, I hesitate to reveal what I know of the young man’s current life. He has already been through so much and specific disclosures can only bring havoc to his carefully re-constructed existence. IMITREX FOR SALE, The bottom line, however, is that he is fine.

He lost a year in school when he waged his successful battle with fourth stage cancer so he is still in high school, IMITREX from canada, still very close to his younger brother who is in the same grade. Is IMITREX addictive, He’s had after school jobs in the food industry. He now has his own car. He is a personable, effects of IMITREX, funny kid who is a natural flirt with the girls. Because of his prolonged illness he is shorter than he probably would otherwise have been but he’s a natural athlete and he loves to play football, IMITREX FOR SALE. Buy IMITREX online cod, He’s currently concentrating on his grades – he wants to keep them high because he has his eye on going to college. He might want to be a policeman or a lawyer. Although the prosecution lost the case this young man still looks up to those cops and lawyers who believed his story and fought for him in court, discount IMITREX.

Gavin’s family has kept their real identities secret so his peers have no idea that he was the boy at the center of the scandal that could have sent a superstar to prison. IMITREX FOR SALE, They have no inkling that he still struggles with emotional problems stemming from his parents tumultuous divorce. Purchase IMITREX for sale, They might not realize that his mother was branded both a manipulative grifter and a mental basket case by Michael Jackson’s highly paid and viper-like defense attorney, Tom Mesereau.

I think its worth noting that NOTHING Attorney Mesereau predicted about this family came true, IMITREX overnight.

Not one member of this supposed outlaw family ever sold a story to a tabloid. IMITREX images, They did not cooperate with the British press, widely known for treating interview subjects to intercontinental first class flights, fancy hotels and big checks, IMITREX reviews. They never leaked information to an American tabloid despite the fact that their home and the boy’s school were often surrounded by paparazzi, IMITREX FOR SALE. They never gave an interview – period. IMITREX from canadian pharmacy, They did not file a civil suit against Michael Jackson as Mesereau repeatedly sneered to the jury. True, once Jackson was found not guilty on all ten criminal counts their ammunition for filing such a suit was dampened, IMITREX pictures. But after three members of the Jackson jury publicly re-canted their “not guilty” votes I can tell you there were plenty of lawyers who would have filed such a suit, IMITREX brand name, pro bono, content to be paid in the sheer publicity such a suit would have brought or in real hard cash if Jackson had settled, as he did with the family of Jordan Chandler back in 1994, order IMITREX no prescription. IMITREX FOR SALE, As I first reported on Court TV in 2004 Jackson spent nearly 30 million dollars making the Chandler problem go away.

And, Australia, uk, us, usa, if the Arvizo family was the horrible, habitually conniving, grifter-like group Mesereau painted them to be during the trial don’t you think they would have gotten themselves into trouble by now, IMITREX dosage. At least one member of the family, IMITREX coupon, anyway. Instead, in the two and a half years since the verdict-heard-round-the-world the family has settled into a normal hum-drum pattern of life, where can i order IMITREX without prescription. School, Cheap IMITREX no rx, work, taking care of the kids, meals at home … then you wake up the next day and do it all over again, IMITREX pictures.

Janet Arvizo, perhaps the most vilified witness I’ve ever seen in my long career of reporting on court cases, has had two babies with her second husband, IMITREX FOR SALE. The husband, Herbal IMITREX, a well respected and high ranking military man has provided for the family and been the stable male influence the older boys needed. The boys are doing well in school. The older sister is studying to be a nurse, IMITREX without a prescription. Not one member of the family has been in trouble with the law. IMITREX FOR SALE, Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau derisively called them master manipulators who lived lives supported by their criminal activities. IMITREX pharmacy, I believed then and I believe now that Tom Mesereau gave up a lifetime of good deeds, working with the underprivileged, to smear the very type of family he’d always helped – and all in the name of the almighty Michael Jackson dollar, generic IMITREX. Despite Janet Arvizo’s short comings – an abusive existence at the hands of her unscrupulous first husband, Canada, mexico, india, her mental ramblings on the stand, her obvious emotional ups and downs it was painful to watch what Mesereau did to her and the rest of the family in that courtroom.

As we read stories like the one linked below, my IMITREX experience, written by long time Jackson biographer J. IMITREX mg, Randy Taraborrelli, entitled “Jackson the Hobo’s Worldwide Trail of Debt” printed in the London Daily Mail in mid-December 2007 – Let’s try to put into perspective who deserves our consideration.

I vote for the kid who just turned 18. So do a lot of other people I know who are still rooting for the young man.

Happy Birthday, Gavin, where ever you are.


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by Diane on December 3, 2007

L ALLEGRA FOR SALE, et’s do a God-forbid scenario here.

What if last week’s hostage standoff at Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in New Hampshire took place, ALLEGRA long term, What is ALLEGRA, instead, at the office of a candidate who didn’t happen to have life-long Secret Service protection, buy ALLEGRA no prescription. Where to buy ALLEGRA, Let’s say it happened at candidate Joe Blow’s campaign office … and Joe Blow was there.

And let’s say for the sake of this argument that it wasn’t just a mentally disturbed man who’d strapped harmless hardware store flares to his body but, ALLEGRA without a prescription, ALLEGRA cost, rather, a bone fide terrorist swathed in plastique trying to make a horrific point about our election system, ALLEGRA for sale. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Under the rules of the game right now Mr. Blow wouldn’t have had any government supplied security to protect him as he ran for the nation’s highest office, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. As it stands right now only Hillary Clinton, ALLEGRA dangers, ALLEGRA coupon, as a former first lady, and her closest Democratic Party rival, ALLEGRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Buy cheap ALLEGRA, Barack Obama, are under the protective umbrella of the Secret Service, about ALLEGRA. Taking ALLEGRA, No Republicans are presently covered.

Under the law in place when the Clinton’s lived in the White House Mrs, ALLEGRA from mexico. ALLEGRA mg, Clinton will receive such protection for the rest of her life. ALLEGRA FOR SALE, President Clinton will too. But before he left office he signed a law that all future presidents will get Secret Service protection for only 10 years after they have served, ALLEGRA street price. Canada, mexico, india, There is a special Congressional Committee, which works directly with the Secret Service, ALLEGRA forum, ALLEGRA photos, which could be called upon to extend the ex-President’s coverage if the situation warranted. And it was that Congressional Committee that decided many, online buying ALLEGRA, Is ALLEGRA safe, many months ago that Barack Obama needed a special shield as he crossed the nation in search of votes.

I wondered why, cheap ALLEGRA no rx.

I have a great friend and source in a retired Secret Service Agent named Scott Alswang who is now the Vice President of Executive Protection/Government Liaison for the S.O.S, ALLEGRA FOR SALE. Get ALLEGRA, Security group in Manhattan. He tells me that intelligence sources embedded inside organized hate groups here in America prompted the Obama protection, generic ALLEGRA. Where can i buy ALLEGRA online, Think about that. Not only do presidential candidates have to worry about outside threats to their safety (and their offices too!) they sometimes have to worry about threats from inside our own country, herbal ALLEGRA. ALLEGRA FOR SALE, Former Special Agent Alswang believes the incident at Senator Clinton’s office in New Hampshire “highlights the need for target hardening at all of the campaign offices around the country. ALLEGRA no prescription, And I believe as a result of this (hostage taking) all of the campaign storefronts/offices will do some form of target hardening.” For example, he told me, ALLEGRA wiki, ALLEGRA class, campaign volunteers are not vetted. They are simply welcomed, put to work and given access to the visiting candidate no questions asked. There are no background checks and for the most part no security doors for volunteers to pass through, no safeguards as to who comes and who goes. What if one of them had a loyalty not to the candidate but, rather, to a foreign entity – say an anti American terror group. What if one of them was part of an Al Qaeda sleeper cell, ALLEGRA FOR SALE.

Back to the pack of traveling candidates. Since the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968 the United States Secret Service has been providing 24/7 protection to top tier candidates or those meeting the criteria for a U.S.S.S. detail. The Service looks at the intelligence gathered, the likelihood of an “Attack On the Principle” (A.O.P.) and once the candidate becomes the party’s nominee the scope of protection widens to include the spouse and the children of the candidate. ALLEGRA FOR SALE, The Secret Service also will then send in swarms of agents and technical support specialists to do a security survey on the residence, the main campaign headquarters and the work place of the potential President. The same is done for the Vice President and his family.

But none of that is happening yet. We have more than a dozen presidential candidates out there vying for the job of running the world’s only remaining superpower. Only one, Hillary Clinton, has complete protection. Barack Obama has some. Are the rest sitting ducks.


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