November 2007

What about the Peterson kids?

by Diane Dimond on November 28, 2007

Ummmmm, excuse me.

How is it that a man who’s last ex-wife was just exhumed to see if she was murdered – a man who appears to be the prime suspect in his current wife’s disappearance – a man who’s relative is reported to have told police he thinks he might have helped dispose of the “missing” wife’s body – can still be the primary caregiver to four children?!

I’m referring, of course, to the case of missing mom Stacy Peterson in Bollingbrook, Illinois.

Where the hell is the Illinois division of Child Protective Services?

An unidentified male relative of retired Police Sgt. Drew Peterson has reportedly told authorities that just after Stacy disappeared exactly one month ago (October 28th, 2007) he helped dispose of something heavy inside a blue plastic barrel. The barrel, he allegedly said, was “warm to the touch.” This relative was so distraught at what he might have helped get rid of that he was hospitalized two days later after he apparently tried to kill himself.

Is anyone but me worried about the fate of those four children? [click to continue…]

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Fingers crossed for Natalee Holloway’s family

by Diane Dimond on November 23, 2007

Who doesn’t hope that there will soon be a “Case Closed” stamp on the missing persons folder of Natalee Holloway?

The Chief Prosecutor in Aruba has now told the court that he believes there is “solid new evidence” to prove murder charges against three young island men who have been re-arrested in the case. One of their defense attorneys has told reporters there is no new evidence. But a judge didn’t agree and Joran van der Sloot who is now 20 years old and two brothers, 24 year old Deepak Kalpoe and 21 year old Satish remain in custody.

But I can’t shake the awful, nagging feeling that it was the actions of those who loved Natalee Holloway the most who may have prolonged this pain – prolonged justice being done. [click to continue…]

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OJ Simpson – Deja vu all over again!

by Diane Dimond on November 11, 2007

The question to me from A.J. Hammer, host of CNN Headline News SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, “Why is it we love to hate OJ Simpson so much, Diane?”

“Because we feel he got away with it” was my simple answer. I covered the original O.J. Simpson criminal case back in 1994 and even today I’m often tapped to help put into perspective this man’s continuing legal troubles.

It’s safe to say a majority of Americans do beleive Simpson got away with slitting the throats of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman and many hate him for it. They are waiting to see if he will ever have to pay the price. For goodness sakes, he even outlined how he would have done it in a recently published book! Naturally, O.J. later claimed a ghost writer made up the most damning chapter of the book entitled, “If I Did It.” I didn’t buy his explaination. [click to continue…]

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